Monday, January 30, 2012

Tech Trends:Google Exec Predicts Cheaper Smart Phones

Eric Schmidt,the software engineer who is Google's Executive Chairman,remains the public face of the company after having left the CEO role.His wide-ranging thoughts are heard
everywhere from the halls of Congress to the World Economic Forum that was just held in Davos,Switzerland.
Everything feels sluggish because there's not enough demand,Mr.Schmidt remarked in Davos,but the Internet continues to win advertising,which is less expensive on it.We haven't seen the slowness as hard as others.
Phones that are powerful will go down in price to 60-70 dollars for a billion people.People outside the Western world will rely on mobile phones in fundamental ways because they don't have access to TV and libraries.
We at Google love advertising and we innovate in many ways in it.We're coming up with new ways to make sure your advertising money is well spent.
In the cloud,you don't have to use email to collaborate.People need service and support,and applications can be built on top of it even if it's free.If 100 million people use it,you can make money from it,Eric Schmidt asserted.
Google's Q4 earnings were below estimates,causing the share price to drop 57 dollars.Wells Fargo downgraded the firm from outperform to market perform.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Exxon Mobil To Unload Japan Refining

Exxon Mobil has agreed to sell its Japanese refining unit to its Tokyo partner,Tonengeneral,for 3.9 billion dollars.The move is part of a trend by integrated oil companies to sell or spin off refinery operations in order to concentrate on more profitable exploration and production.
U.S. oil companies are bracing for a United Steel Workers union strike at their refineries.The strike could begin on Wednesday in the absence of progress in the contract talks.If the strike went three months,U.S. refinery output could be cut up to 11%.
A major concern of the union is worker safety.Eighteen workers have died in refinery accidents since the last agreement in 2009.
Asian shares opened lower on Monday on concern over an EU summit in Brussels on the Euro debt crisis,as well as the failure of U.S. growth to meet estimates.The MSCI Asia Pacific Index was down 0.37.
The New Zealand service sector saw slower growth in December.
India's Nifty Fifty futures index was down on concern that the recent rally in equities was excessive.
Exxon Mobil(XOM)
Update:Agreement between the United Steel Workers union and oil refiners including Exxon Mobil,Chevron and Valero,was reached late Tuesday,averting a strike.The ratification or rejection of the deal by a vote of union members could take weeks.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dissent and Personal Protection:Gillard Rescued From Ruckus-plus an update

Concern crossed the faces of Australian security personnel as Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott put aside their differences when a security threat materialised in Canberra,the Australian capital,on Thursday.The politicians were gathered at an awards banquet on Australia Day,the national holiday,which marks the arrival of the first British colonists in Australia in 1788.A crowd of aboriginal rights protesters outside the affair became enraged when Mr.Abbott said things were much better for the Aborigines now,and it was time to move on from the ramshackle protest camp on the lawn of the old Parliament building nearby.That was like waving a red flag at a bull,a protest leader remarked.The activists charged the restaurant,banging on the glass windows and shouting "Shame" and "Racist."
Ms.Gillard's first concern was for Mr.Abbott's safety when she was informed the situation was deteriorating and it was time to get going.What about Mr.Abbott,she asked.We'd better get him out,too.
Ms.Gillard went over to Mr.Abbott and told him about the early exit plan.We'll pull together,she said.No problem,Mr.Abbott replied.
Police,one of them with a riot shield,formed a phalanx around the leaders as one of Ms.Gillard's body guards rushed her to the motorcade.She lost a shoe in the fracas,but was uninjured and later hosted another event at her residence,praising her personal protection detail.The protester who found her shoe said she intended to sell it.
Ms.Gillard,50,is Australia's first female Prime Minister.She formed her Labour Party government in June,2010.
Update:On Friday,the protesters burned an Australian flag in front of Parliament.A mainstream aboriginal leader said the activists do not represent the views of most Aborigines,but are a radical fringe.
Prime Minister Gillard's shoe lost in the escape to her car on Thursday was put up for sale on eBay,but the site took it down because it doesn't belong to the seller.The protesters said it will be returned to Ms.Gillard,who attended the Australian Open tennis tournament on Friday.She said she wasn't worried about the shoe,being fortunate enough to own other pairs of shoes.
iShares MSCI Australia Index Fund(EWA)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Conditions At Goldman Sachs-plus its current strategy

Considered by many to be the profit and influence king among investment banks in modern times,Goldman Sachs was nonetheless subject to the same economic forces as everyone else in Q4 2011.The firm beat earnings estimates,but missed on revenue,or sales.Goldman's clientele is being cautious about investing and mergers and acquisitions in this difficult climate.
Trading and investment banking is down.It's not a good time to be an investment banker or trader,according to William D. Cohan,author of the well-regarded book "Money and Power:How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World."With the new rules,it's gonna be very tough to do business on Wall Street.
You're gonna get 5-8 years in the limelight at Goldman Sachs;then you're gonna be moved out for younger people.That's a good thing.
I think Goldman Sachs wants to be below the radar screen,not the whackamole.They want to get beyond being the poster child for bad behavior on Wall Street,Mr.Cohan observed.
With regard to the company's current perspective on equities,Dave Costin,Chief Equity Strategist at Goldman,says U.S. companies with the most exposure to the U.S. ought to outperform.It's one of our fundamental strategies for 2012.Consumer staples are what we prefer.Labor slack means little wage growth,hence poor discretionary spending.
Long term,two-thirds of corporate cash is reinvested in growth.In this environment,we're looking at 11% growth of dividends,Mr.Costin noted.
In other words,companies are plowing a lot of cash into dividends today to attract the skittish investors of these volatile times.It's why so many investment advisors are recommending the good dividend payers such as Procter&Gamble and PepsiCo to their clients.
Goldman Sachs(GS),Procter&Gamble(PG),PepsiCo(PEP)

Goldman Sachs' Earnings Fell 58 Percent - ABC News

Goldman Sachs' Earnings Fell 58 Percent - ABC News

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hiring Now:Professional and General Positions Winter 2012

A broad view of the job market today is being offered in Virginia.The Washington Post is hosting a Mega Career Fair on Tuesday,January 31 from 10am to 3pm at
Dulles Expo and Conference Center
4320 Chantilly Shopping Center,South Hall
Chantilly,VA 20153
A Professional and General Pavilion will include such employers as Allstate;CarMax;Cox Communications;Graduate School USA;Hospitality Staffing Solutions,LLC;Miller's Office Products,Inc.;Transportation Security Administration;and Verizon Wireless.Among positions open are Exclusive Agents;Sales;Account Executives;B2B Sales;Outside Sales;Retail Leadership Development Program Apprentices;Transportation Security Officers;Administrative,Management and Professional and related.
For more information,you may call 1-877-842-3976 x17 or contact
Even if you can't attend,you may want to visit the websites of those who are hiring to see if you can apply online or find out about other possible openings.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paula Deen Has Public Support,Poll Shows

Despite her being excoriated in the media by everyone from rival chefs to a TV medical consultant with NBC Universal,a Yahoo poll shows the public isn't buying their bitter criticism of celebrity chef Paula Deen,who has persisted in presenting heavy Southern-style cuisine while hiding the fact that she suffers from type 2 diabetes.Asked whether she should be in the hot seat,62% of the Yahoo readers said no,people are being overly critical,while 38% said yes,she's a hypocrite.
Deen,who was diagnosed three years ago but kept the news to her family while she pondered her next move,has at the same time signed an endorsement contract with Danish pharma titan Novo Nordisk,maker of the flex pen insulin delivery device.Deen hosts the program "Paula's Best Dishes" on the Food Network cable channel.With her sons Bobby and Jamie,she is spearheading the "Diabetes in a New Light" campaign.It is an initiative to help adults find simple ways to manage everyday challenges of type 2 diabetes,the company said.
Resources of the initiative will include how to prepare diabetes-friendly food without compromising taste;incorporating physical activity into everyday life;managing stress;and working with your doctor to find a treatment plan that works for you.The Deens will create modified,diabetes-friendly versions of their favorite recipes and appear at diabetes cooking events across the country,according to Novo Nordisk.
Deen says she will also continue to present her beloved Southern cuisine for consumption in moderation.
Novo Nordisk(NVO)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Big Blue News:Rometty Begins IBM CEO Tenure

There has been very positive feedback so far to Ginni Rometty's accession to the CEO position at IBM on January 1.She has already filled the position she previously held at IBM,Senior Vice President and Group Executive,IBM Sales,Marketing and Strategy,as well as another Senior Vice President opening.I absolutely think she's capable of filling her predecessor Sam Palmisano's shoes to lead a nearly 400,000 employee firm,said Brad Zelnick,a Senior Analyst at Macquarie Capital.
Born in 1958,Ms.Rometty began her IBM career in 1981.She was number seven on Fortune magazine's 50 Most Powerful Women in Business in 2011,and has made the list for seven consecutive years.Ms.Rometty has a B.S. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering with honors from Northwestern University,and serves on the University's Board of Trustees.
IBM is very well-positioned to perform against any number of economic backdrops,Mr.Zelnick feels.It has consistently reinvented itself.In the end,it comes down to intellectual property.IBM spends six billion dollars a year on R&D,as opposed to Oracle's four billion.The company is the number one U.S. Patent Office awardee.
We expect IBM to continue consolidating the software industry.It has roughly 12 billion more to spend on that,to acquire and drive that growth agenda.
We think IBM's road map is conservative.The stock is worth considerably more than what it trades for.Warren Buffett invested in it,and he isn't known for tech investing,Mr.Zelnick pointed out.
International Business Machines(IBM),Oracle(ORCL)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Commercial Real Estate Consultancy Jobs

CoStar Group,the number one provider of research and analytics to the commercial real estate industry,has extensive opportunities available in several areas of its consulting business,specifically in
CoStar offers you comprehensive training,generous benefits and great perks in downtown D.C.
Help clients find,market and analyze property,optimizing the performance and maximizing the returns of their commercial real estate portfolios.For more information,visit

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shop Talk:New Research On Processed Meat and Cancer

Dear Readers,
New research is out on the link between processed meat and cancer.In particular,the link to pancreatic cancer,which recently claimed the life of Steve Jobs,is examined.To learn more,please visit my blog The Friday Late Report,where I have posted a comment on this and a link to a Boston TV station that covered the story as well.You may access The Friday Late Report from the link list provided in the left column,beneath the CNBC box,or by typing in your browser.
It's generally a good idea to visit my other blogs as well as this one.Something that interests you may very probably be there.It's also worthwhile to re-read any posts that you have read before,since they are often revised.
All of my Blogger blogs are also accessible from my Blogger profile,which may be reached from the link under my photo.
My other Blogger blogs are:
The Friday Late Report
International Daybook
Extra Content
Thank you for learning today,
Andrew Taylor

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Understanding Heart Palpitations

Those strange sensations in your chest can be quite concerning.They may be felt as a fluttering in the chest;the heart skipping a beat;the heart racing;an extra heartbeat;a pounding heartbeat;even a throbbing in your neck.
An occasional palpitation is felt by nearly everyone at some time or other.It's probably just from stress;fatigue;caffeine;nicotine;or possibly cold medicine with a stimulant in it.
If your palpitations are frequent,though,or accompanied by other symptoms,such as lightheadedness or dizziness,you need to have a doctor evaluate them.They could be a sign of a dangerous heart condition called atrial fibrillation,or other cardiac arrhythmias.
You may be referred to a cardiologist,who can order various tests to study the problem with.These may include an electrocardiogram;a Holter monitor;an event monitor;possibly an echocardiogram or chest x-ray.None of them hurt.It's detective work,and it can be challenging to catch the palpitations and record them for analysis,which may also require your keeping a diary of activities and symptoms.That's why it may take several weeks to understand your condition and begin treating it,if necessary.
Anything that worries you about your health is worth looking into.With determination,you and your doctor will reach the right conclusion.

Monday, January 9, 2012

What To Expect From 2012:A Goldman Sachs Economic Perspective-plus some stock tips

A tone of caution pervades the thoughts of a leading analyst when he views the 2012 prospects for the market and the rest of the economy.Jan Hatzius,Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs,feels that 2012 will see sluggish growth,with continuing repair of built-up imbalances.Recovery of the labor market will be very slow and halting.We suspect the first half of 2012 is gonna be a little slower.We suspect that the truth is decent growth,but a little softer.
We're still in a very macro-driven environment,with high correlation.We do think Europe is in a significant recession,and the impact will be greater on the U.S. than it has been so far-a full percentage point greater.
I think there will be a slight increase in housing market normalcy.Small businesses have done worse than large because they are more linked to construction,and more dependent on banks for financing,rather than capital markets.
We have a depressed economy.We think real GDP will be 1.5-2%.It's unlikely that you'll get major initiatives from Washington before 2013,in a presidential election year.Unemployment is not directly under the control of policymakers,although it's politically unacceptable,Dr.Hatzius observed.
Update:Goldman Sachs believes Vodafone may appreciate more than 50% over the next two years.It has downgraded MasterCard to neutral from buy,and Accenture to neutral from outperform.MetLife has been upgraded from neutral to buy.
Goldman Sachs(GS),MetLife(MET),MasterCard(MA),Vodafone(VOD),Accenture(ACN)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Outplacement Outlook:The Road Back To Full Employment

Companies are holding onto their people now,according to John Challenger of Challenger,Gray&Christmas,the oldest outplacement firm.There are major cuts taking place,however,in the military,post office and state and local government that are unlike anything we've seen in the past decade.Helping our veterans find jobs will be a crucial element of whether the economy stays strong in 2012.
December job cuts fell 1.6% from November as the economy added 200,000 jobs.It's not gangbusters growth.Consumer demand is crucial to job creation.We're dependent on a strong consumer for 70% of the economy.That's the key as we go forward.The consumer is slowly growing at this point,Mr.Challenger noted.
Christina Romer,a former White House advisor and currently a Professor of Economics at the University of California Berkeley,adds that,even at the rate of 200,000 more jobs a month,it still would take us eight years to get back to where we were before the financial crisis.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Biotech Drugs Used To Fight Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Among treatments used for the blood cancer non-Hodgkin lymphoma,which claimed the life of Merseyside footballer Gary Ablett,are several biotech drugs.These include Genentech's Rituxan;Genzyme's Campath;Spectrum Pharmaceutical's Zevalin;and GlaxoSmithKline's Arzerra.Genentech is a division of Roche Pharmaceuticals.
Other treatments for the ailment are radiation therapy and chemotherapy.There is growing interest in stem cell transplants as a treatment as well.
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma,or NHL,is a cancer that starts in lymphocytes,a type of white blood cell found in the lymph nodes and other lymphoid tissues such as the spleen,bone marrow,tonsils and adenoids.The lymphatic system is spread throughout the body to fight infection.
There are no screening tests for NHL.Symptoms may include enlarged lymph nodes;swollen abdomen;a feeling of fullness;chest pain or pressure;shortness of breath or coughing;fever;weight loss;night sweats;and fatigue.A range of diagnostic procedures are used to identify NHL,from ultrasound and biopsy to PET scans.
The five year survival rate for NHL ranges from 53-91%,based on factors such as how far the cancer has spread and the patient's age.Those over age 60 tend to have a harder time surviving NHL.
Roche Holding AG(RHHBY),Spectrum Pharmaceuticals(SPPI),Genzyme(GENZ),GlaxoSmithKline(GSK)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gary Ablett's Passing:A Time To Reflect

There are times when the business of the day must be set aside.Such a time is the news of the passing of Liverpool and Everton's Gary Ablett,46,the esteemed Merseyside footballer.It's an event which makes us pause in the rush of our crowded lives.
Gary was well-regarded because he did everything,personally and professionally,so very well.So it's time to join Gary's family and many fans worldwide in sadness,but also in gratitude for how he contributed to both his sport and his community.

Gary Ablett remembered: Fans and family pay tribute to Liverpool and Everton FA Cup hero - Liverpool FC News - Liverpool FC

Gary Ablett remembered: Fans and family pay tribute to Liverpool and Everton FA Cup hero - Liverpool FC News - Liverpool FC

Monday, January 2, 2012

What Firms Look Good This Year-and why they do

A number of firms are looking good to Pat Dorsey,Director of Research and Strategy at Sanibel Captiva Trust Company.For example,Kinder Morgan,Inc.'s oil and gas pipelines are not linked to commodity prices.They have a tollgate quality;people keep using them regardless.
Financial exchange CME Group generates 60% operating margins.It is phenomenally profitable at 12x earnings.
Pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts is given more of an advantage by the growth of mail order prescriptions.It is also making more money off of generic drugs than patented ones.
National Oil Well Varco is the leading provider of oil drilling equipment.It is benefiting from the increased mechanization of natural gas extraction.
Oracle data bases are never removed by clients.That would be prohibitively expensive.Oracle has a tremendous free cash yield of 11%,and their core data base business is growing at a rate of 5-6% a year.
Sanibel Captiva serves a full range of investors,from individuals and businesses to families and institutions.Its wealth management practice is based on the most rigorous research for the purpose of ensuring the highest possible level of stable returns.The trust company is located in Sanibel,Florida.
Oracle(ORCL),National Oil Well Varco(NOV),Express Scripts(ESRX),Kinder Morgan,Inc.(KMI),CME Group(CME)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

JC Penney Career Fair

JC Penney is holding a career fair in Northern Virginia.You are invited to explore career growth opportunities with the new Penney's store in Woodbridge.There are full and part time openings.Flexible hours,benefits and a generous merchandise discount are being offered.The fair will be held on
Thursday,Jan. 5,8am-6pm
Friday,Jan. 6,8am-8pm
Saturday,Jan. 7,8am-6pm at
Spring Hill Suites Potomac Mills
14325 Crossing Place
Woodbridge,VA 22192
You may also apply at
JC Penney&Y0U...A Perfect Fit
JC Penney(JCP)

Hello For 2012

It's great to have you along for another year.You are an international audience.Aside from the U.S.,Russia,Germany and France also supply some readers.Others are in Latvia,Slovakia,China,India,Canada,the U.K.,Ireland,Chile,the Philippines,Poland,Ukraine and so on.There are some gaps:Mexico,where are you?
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