Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Official Final Trailer (2014) - Je...

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Un Año Sin Lluvia

CREAM-White Room Live-with Jack Bruce,vocal/bass-in memory of Jack Bruce


Cream - Live Cream II - 1 - Deserted Cities of the Heart-with Jack Bruce,vocal/bass-in memory of Jack Bruce

Public Utility Commission:Prepare Now For Winter

It's best to take proactive steps now to manage your energy usage this winter,says the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.Turn down the thermostat to 68 degrees F.Change dirty filters that restrict air flow.Seal leaks around your home.Turn down the hot water heater setting.It's never too early to prepare.Remember Hurricane Sandy two years ago and the rare October snowfall called "Snowtober."*
After last year's Polar Vortex,the PUC changed its regulations.They now require more transparency from electric suppliers.The contract has to be in plain English;must state when the contract ends;any variability in the rate.As of December 15,the ability to quickly change from one electric or natural gas supplier to another will change from up to 60 days now,to three business days.
Make sure there is no cancelation fee;whether it is a monthly or a yearly product;if there is a cap.Never be afraid to call and ask the PUC.Many utilities have a full time weather forecaster to help them make power trades.Natural gas is now in the 3.50-4.20 range,which is very good for customers.Fifty percent of Pennsylvanians now have gas heat.The payback from switching to it may now come in less than two years.Unfortunately,there is now a lack of infrastructure for natural gas in many rural areas-and even in some urban ones.The cost to run a gas line to your home can be in the thousands of dollars.It may be possible for a community to make a joint request for gas service to a utility,thus lowering the cost per household.*
We have fined a number of suppliers for false marketing and bait and switch practices.We have assessed multi-million dollar fines against them.The ultimate penalty is to pull their license and put them out of business,the PUC explains.*
Two-thirds of a bill is in the generation supply charge.Now more than ever,it's critical for customers to shop around.Don't pay the bulk rate when you can get a good deal.*
Other remedies for high utility bills include air-sealing in attics and basements;3M window covering,which is considered the best cost-saving in the industry;and weather-stripping doors,the PUC points out.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Rolling Stones - She's So Cold - OFFICIAL PROMO

Shop Talk-October 25,2014

Dear Readers,
It looks like peak colour has arrived in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA this weekend.It's a great chance to take it all in from your car,on the trail or from your window.
It's important for all of us to also view the ads by clicking them when we can.This supports the blogs that serve us.
So have a great weekend in this autumn or spring time,as the case may be.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fighting Words:Leon Panetta's New Book

Former US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has been promoting his scrappy new book "Worthy Fights:A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace."I wanted to tell my story,because,in many ways,it's the American story.I am the son of immigrants,Mr.Panetta explained on The Diane Rehm Show.We are going to have to fight to keep this country strong.I thought it was important for us to do everything necessary to help the Syrian opposition.It was important for us to arm the opposition to Assad.The President was right to draw a red line against Assad's use of chemical weapons.I think when the President pulled back,that was a mistake that sent the wrong message to the world.The whole world was watching.*
I think ISIS is as fanatical,dangerous and evil as al Qaida was.We've developed a strong coalition.That's important.We're going to need boots on the ground,but they don't have to be US boots.In Syria,we don't have a force that's been developed.That's going to take time.It is going to be critical for us to go after ISIS' command and control headquarters,which are in Syria.*
I respect the President.He was strongly supportive of the operations I was involved in.My concern is,what's going to happen with this political gridlock here in Washington.I think it's important fpr neither the President nor the leadership to give up,but to provide leadership for a strong America.Overall,I was honoured to serve this President.In 50 years,I've never seen Washington as divided and dysfunctional as it is today,but the President can't just sit back.He's got to get involved.You can't give up on that fight.I get the sense there isn't a willingness to engage.It's going to take work,as in immigration reform.I think he is discouraged,frustrated,angry-but you're the President of the United States,and the country depends on you.No President can simply sit back and allow this country to be in gridlock for the next two years.The issue is about whether we're going to govern this country.You have to stay constantly in the ring,and you have to keep fighting.*
It's important to get our allies to help us identify those elements of the Syrian opposition we can train.This is part of what I call the long continuum of the War On Terrorism that started on 9-11.We've had some success.but terrorism has matastasised.What we need to do is develop a comprehensive strategy.We are going to have to confront,not just ISIS,but other elements as well in order to win this war.I pray that we can develop the opposition forces.Part of the Presiden'ts role is to listen to your commanders as you wage this war.We are going to have to be flexible,to adapt.The responsibility of the President as Commander-in-Chief is to work with his military leaders,to educate the American people about what we are confronting.It may be a long war.It's going to take patience and determination,but ultimately it's the right war,because we have to defend this country,Leon Panetta,who served Presidents Nixon,Clinton and Obama,told the prominent radio talk show host Diane Rehm.

Monday, October 6, 2014

What Google Looks For When It Hires

Eric Schmidt,president and former CEO of Google,described the staff there as the best collection of new technologists he had seen in at least a decade,when he came to Google from Novatel.We wrote a plan with new product ideas that would redefine the conversation.You had to build a product that was extraordinarily good and fast catching-on.
You really don't want internecine competition within a company.That wastes resources.The goal is to come up with good idea and get people excited about it,not to reach consensus.The millenials we hire are better prepared,better educated,more collaborative and socially conscious.We provide everything except housing:food,a pet-friendly workplace,breakfast,lunch and dinner.*
My relinquishing the CEO position has been an exceptional transition and very good for everyone.I moved on when I realised that Google founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin had become seasoned industry executives.The Google board has about nine or ten members,a third of them women.*
We look for smart creatives.They must be technical in something,analytically.They must have some business acumen.They have to be curious.We want those with great insights and ideas-even if they're wrong.In every survey,Google is rated the number one place to work for new graduates.Often the best referrals are from colleagues.The top students have a natural interaction with faculty.We want people who are busy.The world changes because people are passionate.This is your identity.It's not a job;it's a calling.
They'll figure it out if you let them.Large corporations tend to operate with a one year time frame.You have to figure out how you are going to deal with new ideas over the next five years.The characteristic today is that new ideas happen faster,Google president Eric Schmidt pointed out.*

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shop Talk-October 1,2014

Dear Readers,
I am back after ten days of technical problems,having lost a WiFi signal.Hope to be back on track now.Thanks for staying with this blog.
It is fully autumn in the Northern Hemisphere now,the leaves changing colour according to the latitude you are at.Have a great autumn or spring.
Andrew Taylor