Thursday, February 25, 2016

HSBC Encouraged To Stay Put

HSBC,the British banking titan,says it will remain headquartered in London.It had been unhappy with the regulatory regime,but now bank levies have been scaled back and more friendly regulators have come in after the recent Parliamentary elections.*
In London generally,home prices are up 5.4%,locking out first time homebuyers.*
HSBC still likes Hong Kong very much and says,if Great Britain leaves the European Union,they could still relocate there.*
HSBC also still plans to add 4,000 banking jobs in Southeast China,but the pace has slowed somewhat in the current economic conditions there.*
HSBC Holdings plc ADR (HBC)

The Byrds - Jesus Is Just Alright - 9/23/1970 - Fillmore East (Official)

The Byrds - Hickory Wind (Audio)

NATO:Belgian F16s guard the Baltic skies

Friday, February 19, 2016

US May Sail More Ships in South China Sea, Navy Commander Says

US May Sail More Ships in South China Sea, Navy Commander Says: Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. Scott Swift says Navy will be clearer with its intent for the mission in future.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Global Market Cave-In and Where People Are Hiding

European markets caved in 3.5 % to 16-month lows on fears of further ECB rate cuts;and US stocks followed suit with the S&P 500 slipping 1.42% as falling oil prices and Fed rate increase worries,as well as the overseas weakness,rattled investors on Monday.Concerns are that,in a climate of negative interest rates in Europe and Japan,and prolonged dovish monetary policy,banks' profitability will be squeezed,said Jaisal Pastakia,investment manager at Heartwood Investment Management.According to Michael Bell,global market strategist at JP Morgan Asset Management,the market is pricing in a 50% chance of a European recession.
Both Brent crude and light sweet crude fell about 2.5% Monday,with Brent closing at 33.20 bbl and light sweet crude subsiding to the 30.12 mark.As for the safe havens,London spot gold peaked at 1176.66 an ounce at 1104 GMT,an increase of 0.3% on top of last week's 5 % gain;while NYMEX April gold settled up 3.5% at 1197.00 an ounce,and silver climbed 0.32% to 15.36 an ounce.*
Ian Taylor,CEO of Vitol Group B.V.,the world's largest independent energy trader,believes oil will stay low for the next 10 years.Brent crude will close the year out at 48.00 bbl,Mr.Taylor predicted.The Rotterdam,Netherlands company ships more than 270 million tonnes of crude a year in its fleet of 200 supertankers and other ships.*
Gold has made a spectacular move the past 20 days,said Frank Holmes,CEO of US Global Investors.World trade is still in negative territory,and negative real interest rates are helping gold.As well,there is a strong physical demand for bullion worldwide.US gold coin dealers had their second-best year ever in 2015,despite the price of gold having declined last year.I think it's going to continue to do much better this year than last year,unless some catastrophe happens around the world.China needs to back 3% of its currency with gold,buying all new mine supply.I think 1100 an ounce is the floor price,and it could easily go to 1500 and ounce,Mr.Holmes projected.*
We think there is more upside,said ETF Securities analyst Martin Arnold.The next big level is 1200,but it may take a while to test it.*
The rare stocks that did well in the Dow Jones Industrial Average included Exxon Mobil;Chevron;Apple;Procter&Gamble;and Johnson&Johnson.*
Exxon Mobil (XOM);Apple Computer (AAPL);Procter&Gamble (PG);Johnson&Johnson (JNJ);Chevron (CVX);iShares MSCI Global Silver Miners ETF (SLVP);iShares MSCI Global Gold Miners ETF (RING)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Luxury Retail:What Coach Has Going For It

We've seen our company improve about 20 points,said Coach CEO Victor Luis.We have continued growth in Europe and are doubling our China business.We're really pleased with the Chinese consumer internationally.Tourist flows are up in Europe and Japan.The consumer is looking for quality at great value,and Coach is uniquely situated to meet that need.*
In general,we see ourselves taking share from the traditional European luxury players.Our number one priority is the Coach brand,remodeling our store fleet.By the end of June,we will be 40% remodeled.We have tremendous confidence in the handbag and accessories space.It's the number one investment that women-and increasingly,men-make in their wardrobe.*
Our Stuart Weitzman brand is helping us in the footwear space.In spite of the warm holiday,they were number one in boot sales.*
Coach offers accessories and gifts for men and women,from handbags and men's bags to women's and men's small leather goods;footwear;outerwear;watches;fragrances;and jewelry.*
Coach,Inc (COH)