Monday, July 28, 2014

GoPro Promises;Ricciardo Wins

GoPro is now promising retailers they will have the new version of their camera out in time for the holidays,said CNBC host Jim Cramer.It's something very important to the young people.It's like Apple,people waiting for the next iteration.*
Nothing is enough for the industrials right now.Maybe it's because housing is weak.I think maybe buyers want too much from the industrials right now.*
I think tech is next.You're not seeing the next leg up.You need to see Twitter deliver something.I'm talking about the zeitgeist of the market.I just worry that you could get a bleed-off.*
Consolidation is not a dirty word.It just happens to be where we are right now.We're consolidating,popular investing expert Jim Cramer noted.*
Daniel Ricciardo of Australia won the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix Sunday.It was his second win in the last five races for Red Bull Racing.He waged a closely-fought battle with Spaniard Fernando Alonso,who came in second for Ferrari.The Ferrari fans were ecstatic just to get a podium finish,it's been such a tough season for them.They out-cheered the other fans.*

Shop Talk:Assorted Thoughts

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I hope you are having a good and peaceful summer,wherever you are.A lot of you are Italian and Russian.Good to have you along.Ciao.*
Congratulations,Vincenzo Nibali,2014 Tour de France winner.A great moment for Italia.*
Russia will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.A great future event for Russia.*
OK,bye for now."Keep on a'rockin'."
Andrew Taylor

Monday, July 21, 2014

Delta IV Heavy NROL-26 Launch Highlights-rocket to be used for EFT-1

Mars,Science and Industry,part 3

Discovery-guided people will be on their own on Mars,adapting because of light-time communication delays,said Dr.William Gerstenmaier,NASA Human Exploration and Operations Associate Administrator,at the Humans 2 Mars summit at George Washington University in April 2014.It's a kind of exploration we've never done before.We will always be able to adapt better than our robots,asking queations.Science has given us the questions to ask.Mars has never disappointed.It's a discovery engine,so let's keep going.*
Life-support systems must last for months on Mars,not 84 hours like the Apollo missions.It will take some time to get those technologies and breakthroughs ready.The space station is the proving ground-that's the key.The life-support system will be wrung out and tested on the station.We're testing not only the technologies,but looking at the requirements,such as radiation exposure:how much of a risk is acceptable?*
We do a lot of autonommous procedures on the station now,added Dr.Michael Gazarik,Associate Administrator of the Space Technology Mission Directorate.We will not reduce all the risk to zero,but to a reasonable level.*
Exploration is going and coming back.I think we're talking about pioneering,as moving human presence off the earth and into the solar system.It will take a combination of government,international partners and industry.It's got to be the whole of the agency and the international community pulling together,Dr.Gerstenmaier continued.The private sector has worked on engine development and water generators on the ISS.We've got to continue to look at that.
Solar electric propulsion is for entry,descent and landing on Mars.That is exclusively government.Companies can build their own labs in space,inspired by the ISS.A crew-tended module around the Moon will help us get ready for Mars,and there can be pre-positioning of equipment around Mars.The Chinese will be a key player somewhere along the line.
Eighty percent of the deep space software will be on Exploration Flight Test-1 in December,the Orion heat shield test mission.Modest investments are being made in nuclear thermal propulsion,which is generally considered the best system for reaching Mars.Solar electric propulsion is best for the Moon deep space mission and is championed by industry.
Multiple and pre-positioned modules can be used for habitation and descent to Mars.It will be done more over a number of years.It's not a single mission.It will be done in a sustainable,affordable way,Dr.Gerstenmaier explained.*
Lockheed Martin(LMT),Boeing(BA),Alliant Techsystems(ATK),Honeywell(HON),Cobham PLC(LSE:COB),Rockwell Collins(COL),Orbital Sciences(ORB)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Launch of Juno!

Juno Launch: Introduction to Countdown Coverage

"Get Over It":NASA Administrator Bolden-Mars,Science and Industry part 2

There's been a lot of skepticism and carping aimed at NASA's complex and evolutionary post-shuttle manned spaceflight program.A somewhat exasperated NASA official laid out the agency's plans in April 2014 at the Humans 2 Mars Summit at George Washington University.Our goal right now is to have an American orbital capability by 2017,said NASA Administrator Major General Charles F. Bolden,US Marine Corps Retired.SpaceX is only one competitor.It hasn't been chosen yet.*
The US Government can't do everything.We are not gonna get 4% of the Federal budget to go to Mars or any other place.We're gonna have to figure out how to get to Mars on the budget proposed today,plus some modest increases.I believe that's possible.*
The Juno probe is on the way to Jupiter,and New Horizons is on the way to Pluto.We hope to make an announcement on the commercial crew spacecraft by late summer or fall.
We made a decision on manned spaceflight and some people in this room don't like it.We're oh so close to getting a commercial capability.Get over it.This is the path we have chosen.Help us to get it right.We can tweek this.We now have hardware under construction.We need your help.One percent of the Federal budget would be like a gold mine.
Commercial cargo is the first step.We've got to get to commercial crew and do it consistently.We're gonna fly the Orion spacecraft in the fall,General Bolden said.*
Lockheed Martin(LMT),Boeing(BA),Alliant Techsystems(ATK)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mars,Science and Industry-part I

The average person may not be up to date on Mars,but the ranks of science and industry are earnestly exploring the topic on a daily basis.The opportunities the red planet beckons us with demand nothing less.*
Mars is not another earth,said James Garvin,chief scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.Speaking at the Humans 2 Mars summit at George Washington University in April 2014,he noted that Mars doesn't read our textbooks;it's an ever-changing frontier.The Mars we see is extremely cold,oxydising,and has lost its magnetic field.It is not good for spacesuits;but it's good for science.The atmosphere is very thin,so surface pressure is very low-only 10% of earth's.*
There is abundant evidence of ancient water on Mars.It may have had a global ocean or seas.
Is the Mars of today reflecting a history of life? With 150 million square kilometers of surface,you can't go everywhere to find out.The MAVEN spacecraft is on the way to help,however.The kids of 2000 will see a new Mars in the textbooks of 2014.It's a diverse planet,with complexity.*
We actually have a mini-Mars observing system in place now with our most recent probes,the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter;Curiosity and Odyssey rovers;and ESA Mars Express,as well as legacy instruments.They show a Mars that is profoundly interesting,alluring,and compelling us to get ourselves there.
Mars has relict magnetic signatures.Inside,it is very different from earth.We want to touch the rocks,go to places with the chlorides that preserve evidence of life.
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is a reconnaissance platform like nothing else ever put in space.The Curiosity rover,that has been sending back data for more than 600 days now,has weather and radiation experiments.She's been a beauty,performing beyond expectation.She carries 14 experiments.We can now measure rocks on Mars as well as we can measure Moon rocks in laboratories on earth,Dr.Garvin pointed out.*
Lockheed Martin(LMT)