Thursday, December 30, 2010

Asthma Med Primatene Mist Being Reformulated

Because its propellant is a chloroflourocarbon,Primatene Mist is being reformulated by Armstrong Pharmaceuticals.As of December 31,2011,the Food and Drug Administration is banning the production and sale of epinephrine metered dose inhalers containing CFCs to protect the atmosphere's ozone layer.
Primatene Mist,introduced in 1964,is the only inhalable over the counter medication for the temporary relief of occasional symptoms of bronchial asthma.Although Primatene Mist will have a new,non-CFC propellant,its active ingredient will remain epinephrine.
Primatene Mist relieves wheezing,tightness of chest and shortness of breath in as little as 15 seconds.It is the number one OTC brand for physician-diagnosed bronchial asthma.
The Primatene brand is also applied to OTC tablets,sold since 1954,which ease breathing for asthma patients by reducing spasms of bronchial muscles,loosening phlegm and thinning bronchial secretions.Highly regarded by patients,Primatene tablets are a product of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and have different active ingredients than Primatene Mist.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wall Street Partner:Improvement Will Be Muted

Alison Deans,a partner at the newly-formed Varick Asset Management and a CNBC contributor,says corporate America is gonna do very well in 2011,but fears of rising interest rates will hold back multiples expansion-or improvement in measures of a company's financial well being-while that change is happening.We will be beneath 2007's all time highs.
What's coming through from Washington is more important for business confidence.The increase in hiring will take place in the second half of 2011.We're looking at 2.5-3%Gross Domestic Product growth for the new year.There will be a lackluster first half,and a better second half.
Unemployment may possibly dip beneath 9% in 2011,Ms.Deans thinks.A Wall Street veteran,she had previously worked for Lehman Brothers and Neuberger Berman.

Canadian Banks Go Shopping

Canadian banks,which are considered the strongest in the world by the International Monetary Fund,are looking southward to expand their businesses.Last week,Toronto Dominion Bank purchased Chrysler Financial from private equity firm Cerberus Capital for 6.3 billion dollars U.S.,and the Bank of Montreal bought Marshall&Ilsley for 4.1 billion.
Chrysler Financial's loan book is 90% U.S. loans and 10% Canadian.Both the acquired firms are regarded as being relatively weak.
The Royal Bank of Canada thinks SunTrust Banks is a likely takeover target as well.
In response to the news,shares of Toronto Dominion rose 10.83%.Ed Clark is CEO of Toronto Dominion,while William Downe is CEO of Bank of Montreal.
Toronto Dominion Bank(TD),Bank of Montreal(BMO),SunTrust Banks(STI),Marshall&Ilsley(MI),Royal Bank of Canada(RBC)

Food Retailer Hiring Event

Aldi,a major select assortment grocer,is having a hiring event for ALL stores in the MD/DC/VA area on Tuesday,January 4 from 6am-10am and 3pm-6pm at
Marriott Inn&Conference Center UMUC
3501 University Boulevard
Aldi Foods
13782 Smoketown Road
Aldi Foods
8256 Richmond Hw
They need Manager Trainees,Shift Managers and Cashiers for their dedicated,supported,team-oriented environment.Generous benefits such as major medical/dental/vision,vacation time,paid holidays and 401(k) are offered.You may visit for more information.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

USC Fotonovela Highlights Dementia

Latino families are among those who tend to deal with dementia on their own,rather than seek professional assistance.A number of USC staff members have collaborated on a fotonovela,a sort of photographic comic book popular in the Latino community,that helps families understand dementia and presents the possibility of getting help for aged relatives stricken with the brain disorder.
Based on multidisciplinary research,Forgotten Memories tells the story of an elderly mariachi musician,Memo,who is showing signs of memory loss.His pharmacist urges Memo to undergo memory screening at a clinic.A physician at the clinic recommends medication for Memo and a support group for Memo's wife to help her with managing his illness.A lot of time went into ensuring the cultural sensitivity of the fotonovela.
Leading the project is Mel Baron,an associate professor at the USC School of Pharmacy.Academics from USC College and the Keck School of Medicine,as well as the pharmacy school,provided research for the fotonovela.It will be distributed at clinics,pharmacies and community events such as mariachi festivals.
Forgotten Memories was underwritten by Pfizer,Forest Laboratories,Good Neighbor Pharmacies,the National Association of Chain Drugstores and several USC organizations.
More than 30 million people are suffering from the diseases that cause dementia worldwide-a number that grows rapidly by the day.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Richard LeFrak:A Brightening Business Picture

For Richard LeFrak,billionaire head of The LeFrak Organization,it's clear that business conditions are getting better.He sees it in his real estate and hotel businesses.There is also some improvement in his mall sales.
Indeed,they are ready to build a high-rise multifamily project on the New Jersey waterfront in March or April.They have to be a little ahead of demand.It's their first new development in two and a half years.
Mr.Lefrak is starting to see pretty good uptick in certain submarkets,the best of which is Miami.The majority of the buyers are coming from Latin America-all cash buyers looking for income.There's a vigorous demand everywhere in Miami.All those markets are red-hot.
Banks are a little more confident,ready to play with the borrowers.As conditions get better,the problem is shrinking of its own accord,and there's no supply coming on the market.All of these things make it look a little better,Mr.LeFrak observes.
The LeFrak Organization is a multifaceted holding company with extensive properties in New York,Los Angeles and London.

MF Global:2011 Prospects For Investors

John Brady,Senior Vice-President at MF Global,says you're seeing capital go out of bond funds and into stock funds.He really thinks it's been about a repositioning trade,a rotation trade,getting cash off the balance sheet and back into the market.
The refinancing schedule for Spain and Italy really picks up next year.Investors want to be very concerned then about what takes place in the Euro-zone.
Perhaps inflation and monetary policy in China will affect the market in 2011,increasing global market volatility.
Mr.Brady still thinks it's gonna be a slow,long recovery in the employment market.
MF Global is a brokerage offering customized solutions,providing its clients global access to more than 70 securities and futures exchanges,as well as OTC markets.It has offices worldwide,from New York to London and Dubai.
MF Global Holdings Ltd(MF)

DIA Hiring Event

The Defense Intelligence Agency is holding an invitation-only Washington,DC hiring event February 15-16,2011 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for U.S. citizens.They are looking for a wide range of professionals,including:
Acquisitioning and Contracting
Analysis(Intelligence Officers-all disciplines)
Facilities and Logistics
Financial Services
Human Capital
Information Technology
Intelligence Collection and Operations
Oversight and Compliance
You must apply online before midnight EST January 7,2011.Visit and choose Recruiting Events under the Employment menu.
DIA:Committed to Excellence in Defense of the Nation.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aspirin Versus Cancer:The Latest Research

A team of British researchers has evaluated reams of data from eight studies originally intended to investigate aspirin's effectiveness in preventing cardiovascular events.They wanted to learn whether daily aspirin lowered death risk from cancers other than colorectal,an effect of aspirin which was already established.
Using individual patient data from all randomised trials of daily aspirin versus no aspirin,and using evidence such as death certificates and cancer registries for follow-up,the team indeed found a significant preventive effect of daily aspirin against many different cancers.
Lead by corresponding author Professor Peter M. Rothwell,FMedSci,the researchers concluded that daily aspirin reduced deaths due to several common cancers during and after the trials.The authors went on to say that benefit increased the longer treatment with aspirin continued and was consistent across study populations.
In the authors' view,the findings have implications for aspirin usage guidelines and the understanding of carcinogenesis and its susceptibility to drug interventions.
The benefit of daily aspirin outweighed its risk of causing bleeding ulcers,they believe.Several people who posted comments on the article disagreed with that opinion,however.
Among cancer deaths reduced by daily aspirin were those caused by prostate,lung,pancreatic,colorectal and esophageal/throat cancer.The reduction percentages ranged from 10-60%.
The article was just published in the journal The Lancet.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leading Analyst Disturbed By D.C.'s Tax Cuts

To Ed Yardeni,the analyst who coined the term "bond vigilantes,"there seems to be a coincidence between today's rising bond yields and D.C.'s tax cut plans.D.C. is making it all too easy to increase the deficit by readily cutting taxes and hence decreasing revenue.As the deficit balloons,the government must pay more and more interest to skeptical investors who buy government bonds,which ultimately stresses the budget even more.
There's also a fear Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke may overshoot in his QE2 policy of buying Treasury bonds:another reason to lighten up on the bond holdings.The bond vigilantes have woken up in Europe,and are now waking up in the U.S.,Mr.Yardeni thinks.They're in the position to shut the bond market down unless the U.S. changes its policy.
Rising bond yields means retirement portfolios stuffed with bond funds will lose value,since bond prices fall as yields rise.
The U.K.'s making tremendous progress in cutting the deficit,and Europe's moving in the right direction,Mr.Yardeni said.He certainly doesn't like what he's been seeing in the U.S. recently,however,and neither do the bond vigilantes.
Bond vigilantes are big traders who insist on ever-higher interest rates to cover their risk as governments sink deeper into debt,making the cost of money increase even more.
Other observers disagree with Mr.Yardeni's assessment,saying the increase in bond yields is simply the bond market adjusting to better economic data and growing national debt,rather than the bond vigilantes waking up,and will not be disastrous.
Nonetheless,most financial advisors are urging their clients to move away from a bond market that is seen as being toppy now,and toward an improving stock market.

Citi Restores The Equilibrium

Things are getting better slowly,in the view of Citigroup Chairman Dick Parsons.Some people would call it anemic,but it's growth nonetheless.
It's not surprising to Mr.Parsons.What we're seeing is what you could have expected.People have to delever,and that's gonna impress some slowness on the economy.
Loan demand is down.Businesses as well as consumers are tightening their belts,while underwriting standards have gone up.Citi loaned as much in Q1-Q3 to small business as they did in all of last year,but the underwriting standards mean some people who used to get loans can't get them now.
It's axiomatic that economies crash from the bottom up,and heal from the top down.The market is coming back down to those who can't get credit,however.There's a restoraion of equilibrium going on.
Businesses are asking how do I adjust my own sales to catch the wind rather than be buffeted by the wind?We need a comprehensive economic plan,Mr.Parsons believes.
While Dick Parsons is Chairman,Vikram Pandit is CEO of Citigroup.The U.S. government has now fully exited its bailout of Citi,making 12 billion dollars in profit for the taxpayers.

Bank Teller Job Fair

Capital One Bank is holding a bank teller job fair on Tuesday,December 14 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at
Capital One Headquarters
Dining Room A,3rd Floor
1680 Capital One Drive
McClean,VA 22102
You are invited to join them to learn more about Teller opportunities in Maryland,DC and Virginia and what to expect during their online application process.For more information,please visit
Capital One:Better.Together.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Newsletter Publisher:Don't Give Up On Big Pharma

Big pharmaceutical companies are often plagued by patent expirations on major products.That doesn't mean you should stop investing in them,prominent money manager and commentator Alan Lancz(pronounced Lance)points out.A frequent guest on business television,Mr.Lancz likes drugmakers Pfizer and Merck at this time.
Pfizer and Merck offer good dividend yields.As well,while stock analysts focus on their patent expirations,you don't often hear about their acquisitions or drug pipelines,such as Pfizer's acquisition of Wyeth and King Pharmaceuticals.
In the case of medical device maker Hologic,Mr.Lancz feels it's a bit toppy right now,but should be purchased at the buy limit of 17.00 or below.It closed at 17.55 on Thursday.
Hologic develops,manufactures and supplies diagnostics,medical imaging systems and surgical products for women's health needs,such as breast health products and GYN surgical products.
Alan B. Lancz is publisher of The Lancz Letter,a subscription-only newsletter that gives current recommendations and analysis on stocks,bonds,real estate,currencies and other related investment vehicles.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wal-Mart Tussles With Safeway

The Christmas shopping season isn't just significant for gift sellers;but for grocers as well.Wal-Mart,for instance,thinks it is so important that it took on Safeway in a newspaper circular.Wal-Mart claims that a comparable basket of non-meat/non-produce frequently purchased items is 25% less expensive at their stores than at Safeway's.
Wal-Mart says it compared the average national prices for 244 items at their respective stores every week beginning September 25.Besides this aggressive tactic,Wal-Mart is making a pledge to match any local competitor's price in a printed ad for an identical product.
On the other hand,Safeway offers considerable discounts to holders of its Club Card,which were probably not taken into account by Wal-Mart.The Safeway Club Card is free and is issued upon the filling out of a brief application.
In China,Wal-Mart is opening smaller stores to serve lower income small town and rural residents.

A Brandeis Perspective:Black Swan of a Jobs Report

The duration of unemployment today and the slowness of the labor market's recovery are unprecedented.This observation was reinforced by Friday's bleak Labor Department unemployment report,which revealed a jobs gain of only 39,000,and an increase in the unemployment rate from 9.6-9.8%.Lisa Lynch,Dean of The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University in Waltham,Massachusetts,described the report as a huge surprise.Even the most pessimistic economists were not coming in with so low a number.We should be adding 120,000 jobs just to keep pace with population growth.
Dean Lynch pointed out there was much lower growth in the manufacturing sector,in spite of the demand for autos.There was also contraction in the construction and retail sectors.We did see growth in health care and restaurants and bars.
Those who are working are putting in more hours.Seeing their friends and family members out of work,they are hesitant to shop.
At this rate,it will take the labor market about 12.5 years to recover,Bloomberg Television calculated.
Lisa Lynch received her BA from Wellesley College and a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science.She has been in her position since 2008,and is also a Professor of Economics at Brandeis.

Inside Sales Open House

SenecaOne,a provider of financial services for lottery winners,prize winners and structured settlement recipients,is holding an open house for inside sales professionals.It will be held on Tuesday,December 7th from 4-8 pm at
Marriott Hotel(Bethesda)
5151 Pooks Hill Road
Bethesda,MD 20814
Free hotel parking will be provided.
2-5 years of cold calling and inside sales experience are a plus.Please bring your resume,dress professionally and be prepared for on the spot interviews.Those who can't attend should send their resumes to
The 1st year income potential is 55-75K,and 2nd year potential is 100K+.
SenecaOne-your trusted source

Thursday, December 2, 2010

MedImmune's Oncology Portfolio Advances

MedImmune,the biologics business of British pharma titan AstraZeneca,is perhaps best known for its FluMist product,but it is also quite active in oncology innovation.They are using insights and understanding of cancer to discover breakthrough biologic therapies that can be used to treat specific cancers for the individual patient,according to Jerry McMahon,PhD,Senior Vice President and Oncology Innovative Medicines Unit Leader.
MedImmune's pipeline is focused on eliminating cancer cells in more effective and targeted ways.They are currently researching their products MEDI-575,an antibody with promise in treatment of solid tumors;and the immunotoxin moxetamomab pasudotox(CAT 8015),which is being evaluated for therapeutic potential against certain leukemias.
These are early phase studies,but MedImmune is excited about the oncology portfolio's progress and looks forward to advancing oncology products into expanded clinical studies in the near future,Dr.McMahon indicated.
MedImmune,based in Gaithersburg,Maryland,employs about 3500 people worldwide.Jerry McMahon,who assumed his position in October,received a doctorate in Biochemistry and Genetics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy,New York.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Macy's Feels Optimistic

Macy's,one of the focal points for tracking holiday sales in the retail sector,is pleased with the season opening and has a positive outlook for the year.CEO Terry Lundgren cited about 7,000 people lined up outside the flagship Herald Square location on Black Friday at 4 am.They're very pleased so far.
Retail analyst Dana Telsey of the Telsey Advisory Group agrees that Macy's did well on Black Friday.It's certainly an encouraging start.
Macy's has had a very good year,Mr.Lundgren added.They opened three Bloomingdale's outlets in Q3.In 2010,they've opened six Macy's stores and closed one.They're making sure there's obvious value to the customer at every price point.
They have a lot more confidence based on the momentum so far this year.Sales are up 4-5%.Mr.Lundgren thinks that bodes well for the industry next year.
CNBC's Jim Cramer considers Macy's to be best in breed among department stores.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

BlackRock Favors Cash Flow Companies

BlackRock,the world's largest money manager,is favoring companies with lots of free cash flow,according to Vice President Bob Doll.These are in the telecom,health care and energy sectors.You need diversification,but clearly you've got to focus on that free cash flow.
BlackRock did buy some six million shares of GM on the initial public offering,but they continue to hold a bigger position in Ford.Ford continues to pay down their debt and improve their margins.
The whole story is a cyclical one,Mr.Doll believes.He thinks there's more cyclical improvement coming.GM stock could rise into the low 40s.
General Motors(GM),Ford Motor Company(F)

CarMax Adds D.C. Staff

CarMax is adding staff at its D.C. stores.One of Fortune magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For,they are offering a generous benefits package,including a car discount and tuition assistance.They are looking for Detailers,Technicians and Sales Consultants.
CarMax says it as an engaging workplace with opportunities for advancement,recognition and fun.You may apply online at

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Developing Shenzen:Chinese Health Care Workers Study USC Hospitals

A group of Chinese health care workers from Shenzen Sekou People's Hospital have been touring and working at USC's University Hospital and Norris Cancer Hospital in Los Angeles this month.Huang Yong Yue,CEO of the Chinese hospital,and a group of its researchers participated.
The researchers have been working at the USC Department of Radiology through a special exchange program,and took the hospitals tour along with Mr.Huang,who expressed admiration for the hospitals.The tour profiled operational practices at the USC hospitals,including the Patient Experience program.
Mr.Huang,the CEO of Shenzen Sekou People's Hospital,also garnered hospital administration insights from USC hospitals Operating Executive Scott Evans.Mr.Evans is,in addition,an adjunct faculty member of the USC School of Pharmacy and director of the School of Pharmacy's Acute Care Residency Program.
Shenzen,also known as Shenzhen,is a rapidly growing city of just over a million people in the Guangdong Province of Southern China.The metro area has a population of 8,615,000.
Shenzen is located just north of the Hong Kong border,some 40 kilometers north of Hong Kong Central,in the Pearl River Delta.
Since the late 1970s,the former fishing village has been developed into a Special Economic Zone with gleaming skyscrapers,an urban showplace with tens of billions of dollars of foreign investment.A major financial center,it is China's third busiest container port,after Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What GM Has To Do

GM has been reborn as a public company,exceeding its listing price of 33.00 a share last week.Behind the shares is a business model with a level playing field between union costs and management costs.
Each of GM's four regions has a different set of challenges and objectives,according to CEO Dan Akerson.The North American blueprint is how GM will address the European issues:reduce costs;match capacity with demand;offer the best vehicles.GM has a great auto portfolio in Europe.They hope to see profitability there in 2012.
The great car that GM has today is based on the resilience of the GM employee.GM has the resident expertise to provide the best cars you can buy.They have a pretty good balance sheet right now,in Dan Akerson's opinion.
Mr.Akerson wants to make GM more of a consumer marketing company.Their goal is to have zero debt on the balance sheet,and even pay down their entire pension liability to the extent possible.
GM is much more global than Ford.They have to have the ability to make a car unique for the particular market,Mr.Akerson feels.
General Motors(GM)

RiverFront Dividend Stock Suggestions

The market is reacting to a few reports.That's the way slow growth feels,says Doug Sandler of RiverFront Investment Group.We're actually getting better and better news underneath the surface.
Seek the selective quality now.Consistent dividend growth is more real than earnings.Dividend companies tend to be more stable.
Among these firms are McDonald's,American Express,Chevron and Lockheed Martin.
RiverFront Investment Group is located in Richmond,Virginia.Majority employee-owned,it provides asset management,investment advice and leading edge market insights by seasoned professionals.
McDonald's(MCD),American Express(AXP),Chevron(CVX),Lockheed Martin(LMT)

Microsoft Has Many Openings

Microsoft Corporation has several openings in Chevy Chase,Maryland and Reston,Virginia,as well as surrounding areas.They need
Software Engineers
Program Managers
Finance Managers
Premier Field Engineers
Systems/Operations Engineers
They have multiple openings at various levels.For details and to apply,visit
Microsoft is an EOE supporting workplace diversity.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Key Committee Recommends Lupus Drug Approval

On November 16,a key Food and Drug Administration committee recommended approval of Benlysta,the Human Genome Sciences/GlaxoSmithKline drug for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus.
The Arthritis Advisory Committee,which made the recommendation,provides the FDA with independent expert advice on rheumatology drug products such as Benlysta.Its nonbinding recommendation normally carries a great deal of weight in the FDA's deliberations.
Benlysta is the first new treatment expressly for lupus in 50 years.The vote to recommend approval was hailed by patient advocates as a sign of hope.Benlysta is also the first in a new class of drugs,the BLys-specific inhibitors.
Since 2006,Human Genome and Glaxo have been developing Benlysta together,with Human Genome having lead responsibility for conducting Phase 3 trials.The companies will share equally in development costs,sales,marketing expenses and any profits pending final FDA approval.Analysts consider Benlysta a prospective blockbuster,worth billions of dollars.
Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disorder most common in black,Hispanic and Asian women.It causes the immune system to attack the body's own organs and tissues,resulting in effects ranging from joint pain to kidney damage.The disease is potentially life-threatening.Like another autoimmune disorder,multiple sclerosis,lupus is hard to diagnose and varies from patient to patient.
Human Genome is located in Rockville,Maryland,and Glaxo is based in London,England.
Human Genome Sciences(HGSI),GlaxoSmithKline(GSK)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

AIG At Its Core

Insurance titan AIG is going through a lot of restructuring.As they keep paying the government back for rescuing the company from the financial crisis,they have to keep accelerating the amortization,says CEO Robert Benmosche.
They'll be the largest property and casualty insurer,and one of the largest life and annuity firms.That's the core of the company.They're selling off a lot of smaller things.AIG can produce 6-8 billion dollars of profit once they complete the restructuring plan.
Now AIG is working on a liquidity plan.They want to have enough capital to withstand any future shock.They're gonna start showing that to the ratings agencies.
Right now there's a lot of capacity at AIG.They are well past their reputational issues.
Over the next couple of years,AIG won't be suffering from unrealistic prices.They think that they'll get all their issues behind them in Q4.You'll begin to see the company's earnings grow steadily over time,Mr.Benmosche believes.
AIG's global employees are returning the firm to its client-centered heritage.They are taking pride in restoring the company to a leadership position.
American International Group(AIG)

Intel and SanDisk Prospects

Intel is raising its dividend 15% to 0.18 a share.The semiconductor titan says it is on track for its best year ever,with strong cash flow.
Kim Caughey Forrest,an analyst at Fort Pitt Capital Group,notes that companies hate to cut their dividends.Intel knows they can sustain this,so the increase is a good bullish signal for this stock.
They also really like SanDisk.SanDisk has a big footprint in the tablet arena.
Both companies are where the consumer is:at the laptop or the mobile end.
SanDisk is the leading manufacturer of flash memory cards for imaging,computing,mobile and gaming devices.Intel has also been expanding into the cyber security and mobile realms recently.

Property Management Open House

Associated Estates is holding a Career Fair Open House on Tuesday,November 16 from 9am to 7 pm.They are looking for experienced Property Managers and Leasing Consultants(sales or leasing experience)for positions in Silver Spring and Columbia,Maryland.Stop by and learn more about AE and its career opportunities at
Hampton Point Apts.
3340 Hampton Point Drive
Silver Spring,MD 20904
A comprehensive benefits package,including 401k,bonus and growth/advancement opportunities are offered.
If unable to attend,you may submit your resume to
EOE/drug and background screening

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ADHD Diagnoses Up Sharply

An alarming trend is revealed by new data just published in the Center for Disease Control's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.Diagnoses of children ages 4-17 with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder were up 21.8% between 2003 and 2007.
A neurobehavioral disorder that often persists into adulthood,ADHD is characterized by fidgeting,poor concentration,poor conversational skills and impatience.It is distinguished from normal childhood ebullience by its impairment of functioning in important social and academic settings,including family life.
According to the data,9.7% of children in the age group had been diagnosed with ADHD in 2007,as opposed to 7.8% in 2003.Most of the affected children had mild to moderate symptoms,and 66.3% were being medicated for the condition.
The increased prevalence was most pronounced in children of mixed race or Hispanic origin,as well as older teenagers and those for whom English is a second language.A study published in The Lancet in September presented evidence that ADHD is a genetic disorder.
Medications commonly prescribed for the ailment include the stimulant methylphenidate and the non-stimulant atomoxetine.Dr.Mark Stein of the University of Illinois at Chicago says clinicians are unable to predict in advance who will or will not respond to a particular medication.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Examining Corning's Earnings

Glass titan Corning reported earnings per share of 0.51,versus an estimate of 0.52;on revenue of 1.6 billion dollars,versus an estimate of 1.614 billion.Chief Financial Officer Jim Flaws says all of their businesses other than display were up.The U.S. is the only worldwide T.V. demand that declined.Everywhere else is up 20-70%.
Corning's focus is driving down their manufacturing costs.They're not a high raw materials user.
Corning's display business volume was down because their customers were reducing inventory.Their Chinese growth isn't red hot,but demand there is quite strong.It's still excellent,Mr.Flaws noted.
Corning is a global leader in specialty glass and ceramics.They create and produce key components for consumer electronics,vehicle emissions control,telecom and life sciences.

When Employment Will Really Improve

Ethan Harris,chief North American economist at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch,thinks the best we can hope for is mid-2011.A pick-up in jobs is linked to clarity on tax and regulatory policy.He wouldn't expect agreement on those matters until the end of 2010 or January 2011.
The economy remains in a growth recession,and uncertainty is the enemy of growth.The Federal Reserve is using weaker and weaker tools,but it doesn't mean they're going to give up.
The market has been a bit overexcited about the election.If they just keep fighting with each other,that's not good for the economy.It's a bipartisan nastiness,Mr.Harris observed.
The economy added 151,000 jobs in October-the first increase since April,but the unemployment rate remains at 9.6%.At that rate of job creation,it will take seven years for the labor market to recover.
Bank of America/Merrill Lynch(BAC)

Nursing Open House

Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring,Maryland is holding an open house.It begins on Saturday,November 13 at 10 AM and includes a nursing presentation,hospital tour,lunch and a chat with recruiters.Holy Cross is looking for experienced ER,Critical Care,OR,Med/Surg.,Maternal/Child Health Nurses,and Nurse Educator/Clinician.They offer advanced technology,on-site master's degree,tuition assistance,pension plan and other benefits.For details visit,click on "Careers" and then "Upcoming Events."
Holy Cross Hospital:It all comes together at Holy Cross.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Commentary:Couple Chucks Lotto Jackpot

A retired welder and retail worker have given away most of their 11.3 million dollar Canadian lottery winnings.Allen and Violet Large,of Nova Scotia,were appalled by panhandlers coming out of the woodwork when their good fortune became known.
As well,Mrs.Large,78,has recently undergone chemotherapy for her cancer.The great suffering of that disease tends to put things in the proper perspective.So does their rural lifestyle.
It wouldn't hurt financiers to contemplate the Larges now and again.The business world might benefit from such an exercise.Maybe it would help to prevent another financial crisis.
A 2-page list of charities,including hospitals,churches,the Red Cross and the fire department,were beneficiaries of the Larges' generosity.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to better yourselves.A little bit of context leads to better health all round,that's all.The true texture of life is easily and sadly forgotten in the daily scrum.
We should be grateful for the Larges' big hearts,which were already well-known in their community.They can ennoble our own,however far away.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Procter&Gamble Relies On Cutting Edge

Procter&Gamble has reported earnings of 1.02 a share,versus an estimate of 1.00;and revenue of 20.1 billion dollars,versus an estimate of 20.24.Free cash flow was 1.9 billion dollars.The company repurchased 3 billion dollars of its shares to support the stock.
Organic sales were up 4%,while volume rose 8%.Fiscal year 2011 organic sales are projected to rise 4-11%.
Jan Moeller,Chief Financial Officer of the company,says the U.S. economy is choppy,but as long as they continue to innovate,they'll be able to price appropriately.They build their business plans to achieve organically.Acquisitions are on top of that.
A Sunday newspaper circular highlighted a number of new Procter&Gamble products.CNBC's Jim Cramer recently praised the firm and its CEO,Bob MacDonald.

Hodges Still Likes Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments has reported earnings of 0.71 a share,versus an estimate of 0.69;and revenue of 3.74 billion dollars,versus an estimate of 3.69.Eric Marshall of Hodges Capital Management says they are positive on TXN's core business and valuation.It is a solid,long term investment.Don't be caught up in the cyclical gyrations of the semi-conductor industry.
Hodges likes the stock here.It still trades at only 12 times earnings.In general,they think the stock looks very attractive.TXN's outlook sounds pretty positive.Hodges thinks lead times and inventory levels will revert back to normal levels.
Analog is now over 90% of TXN's business,and will be the growth-driver in 2011-12.
Investors over the next couple of years will do very well with TXN.Hodges would be committing new capital to it at this point.
TXN's business outside the U.S. is more and more important for them.They have new opportunities in industrial applications,such as automotive,medical and all types of different industries through their analog chips.
Texas Instruments(TXN)

University Faculty Needed

The University of Northern Virginia is recruiting for the following faculty positions:Computer Science/Information Technology;Management;Accounting&Finance;Education&Marketing.Candidates must have a terminal degree in the field(ABD will be considered)with some teaching experience in higher education.
There are also executive academic positions for PhDs in IT,Management or a related field with academic management experience in higher education.
To apply,submit resume to
Located in Annadale,Virginia,Hong Kong,Prague and London,UNVA is now ten years old.It offers business,computer science and education degrees at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Friday, October 29, 2010

More IT For Patients:WellSpan Offers New Portal

WellSpan Health,an integrated health care system for the people of south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland,has established a new patient portal,My eCare.Patients are now able to access lab test results or make an appointment through My eCare.They can also send questions to their doctor's office and receive a response within 48 hours.The service is not for usage in an emergency.
A free service,My eCare is described as the most convenient way to manage your health care.
WellSpan Health,anchored by Gettysburg and York Hospitals,includes 47 primary and specialty physician practices,as well as pharmacies,labs and health centers.It is a private,non-profit community resource with the mission of providing high quality,cost-effective and compassionate health care services to all patients.
In addition to My eCare,WellSpan Health employs an electronic medical records system.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

American Education and Singapore

Many believe the American education system is lagging much of the rest of the world,including Singapore.Singapore is a country built on the concept of human capital,says Michael Milken,head of the Milken Institute think tank.Singapore's three economic pillars are 1.immigration;;and care.Singapore's gross domestic product is 8-10 times that of Jamaica,which has an economy based on tourism and natural resources.
Singapore spends 10-15% of its GDP on education.
The educational standards in the rest of the world as well are higher than in the U.S.,where teachers tend to come from the bottom of their college classes.
In response to this,the Milken Institute is incentivizing American teachers with awards.There have been 2500 awards so far.It's an Academy Awards for teachers.
In addition,the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching,which was spun off from the Milken Family Foundation,has set up a teacher advancement system.This includes Master Teacher and Mentor Teacher programs.
Michael Milken is a financier best known for helping establish the concept of a high yield bond market.

Canadian Economist Named Most Accurate

Sherry Cooper,an economist with BMO Financial Group,has been named the most accurate economist by Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business.Dr.Cooper has also been recognized as one of Canada's most influential women.Educated by the University of Pittsburgh,she was selected as most accurate from a panel of 50 economists by Arizona State.
Dr.Cooper and her team were credited with pinpointing key indicators of both the beginning and end of the recent severe recession.
There's still a big unemployment overhang,Dr.Cooper observed.It wasn't caused by high interest rates as in previous recessions.Businesses laid off massively,so they're reluctant to hire back until the orders really start to come in.Employment contracted by 6%,which is totally unprecedented.
Until we start to see expansion in new businesses as well as old,it's hard to get everyone back to work.We could see unemployment at 9% by the end of 2011.The wave of inventory restocking is over,so the purchasing of equipment and machinery won't be as strong,either.
On the plus side,Dr.Cooper noted that consumption is growing a little bit more.The consumer is starting to come back.The effect of quantitative easing 2,the Federal Reserve's purchasing of more assets,will be pretty modest,but it is stimulative.
We're in a disappointingly slow recovery,but there won't be a double dip recession.
Bank of Montreal(BMO)

Kaiser Permanente Hiring Event

Health care provider Kaiser Permanente will soon be hiring for its Capitol Hill Medical Office,which will open in January 2011.The office,located next to Union Station in Washington,will have 200,000 square feet and offer a full range of outpatient services,from primary and specialty care to surgery and nuclear medicine.A hiring event will be held in mid-November at an offsite location yet to be determined.There are openings for management,nursing,technicians,support services,imaging/radiology,laboratory,pharmacy,and rehab/therapists.
To register for the event or learn about qualifications and job submission details if you cannot attend,please visit

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frontiers In Medicine:Genentech's Cancer Treatment Approved

The FDA has approved Genentech's biotech medicine Herceptin,in combination with chemotherapy,as a treatment for certain stomach cancers-metastatic ones with the protein HER2 on tumor cells.
Early studies suggest Herceptin may block signals that cause tumor cells to grow and divide,and also signals the immune system to destroy the cancer cells.
About 21,000 Americans will be diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2010,and more than 10,500 will die of it.Often,symptoms of the disease do not appear until the late stages,when it has become metastatic,or spreading,or cannot be surgically removed.
The latest analysis shows that median overall survival with the Herceptin/chemotherapy regimen was 13.1 months,versus 11.7 months with chemotherapy alone.Herceptin is also used to treat HER2+ metastatic breast cancer.
Hal Barron,M.D.,executive vice president of Product Development and chief medical officer,said the FDA approval provides an important new personalized medicine for people with the life-threatening disease who have few treatment options.
Formerly an independent firm,Genentech became a member of Switzerland's Roche Group in March 2009.Considered the original biotech company,Genentech uses human genetic information to discover,develop,manufacture and commercialize medicines for gravely ill patients.
The Roche Group is traded on the over the counter pink sheets in the U.S.,under the ticker symbol RHHBY.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Investment Strategy Suggestions

What's behind the run-up in the stock market recently is the prospect of more quantitative easing,or asset purchases by the Federal Reserve,Russ Koesterich agrees with many other analysts.Mr.Koesterich,head of Investment Strategy for Scientific Active Equities at BlackRock,the world's largest money manager,thinks we're running up against a wall here-the upper end of the trading range.We're likely to see sluggish growth,which is not gonna support earnings growth.Expect 1.5-2% growth in 2011,which is way off 2009 levels.
The market's 2011 earnings expectations may be too high based on the predicted sluggish growth.The key thing for investors in handling slow growth is a barbell portfolio.This might consist of consumer staples and health care on one end,and industrials and tech on the other for global exposure.
Mr.Koesterich recommends avoiding stocks that are too closely linked to U.S. growth,given how slow that is likely to be.For example,several retailers are heavily exposed to the U.S. economy,as are many banks and utilities.

Professor Doubts Fed Strategy

Raghuram G. Rajan,a finance professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a former IMF Economic Counselor,is raising doubts about the Federal Reserve's plan for dealing with the lagging economy.The Fed wants to keep interest rates at zero for an extended period.We have very high levels of debt.It's not the rate that matters;it's the access.We've had negative real rates,penalizing savers.We need labor-intensive stuff,not capital-intensive.
The costs of such a policy start mounting-without sustained benefits.There's only so much you can do with interest rates.We have to start talking about structural changes such as retraining.Demand is part of the problem,but we also have supply problems.Let's move away from doing more to doing what actually works.
Buying more assets without a clear exit plan is dangerous.We've got to start somewhere.We need to experiment.The big issue with stimulus is,we often overplay the situation,because everyone loves to spend money,Dr.Rajan observed.
Dr.Rajan is the author of "Fault Lines:How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy," published by Princeton University Press.

Grant Thornton Openings

Grant Thornton has opportunities for team players who can handle deadlines and understand government consulting environments.They require a Bachelor's degree with at least three years of experience,including some experience in at least one of the following areas:activity based costing/cost analysis;it/financial audit;information security;qa tester;organizational assessment;state and local contract administration;junior military officers/transitioning military professionals.
Send your resume and salary requirements to will contact you to arrange interviews.
Veterans and transitioning military members are encouraged to apply.
Grant Thornton:It's time your experience met our opportunity.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pfizer Loads Its Shopping Cart

Pharma titan Pfizer's purchase of King Pharmaceuticals,which was announced October 12,will augment its existing product lines in Primary Care,Established Products and Animal Health.The 3.6 billion dollar cash transaction brings new formulations of pain treatments that discourage misuse and abuse;the EpiPen auto-injection device;and a number of animal feed additives,into Pfizer's diversified businesses.
Pfizer CEO Jeff Kindler said they are highly impressed by King's innovative products and technology in the pain relief area.U.S. physicians wrote about 320 million prescriptions for painkillers in 2009.
Pfizer will also acquire King's promising new compounds in various stages of development.Pfizer already markets its own Celebrex and Lyrica painkilllers,and King will add Avinza,the Flector Patch and Embeda to the painkiller portfolio.
The deal is expected to close in late 2010 or early 2011,pending regulatory approval.
At the end of 2011,Pfizer's blockbuster drug Lipitor will go off-patent,resulting in a big loss of revenue.Pfizer is shopping for new income streams to help offset the loss of most of the billions Lipitor earns annually.In September,Pfizer announced its purchase of FoldRx Pharmaceuticals,a biotech firm specializing in neurodegenerative diseases.Last year,Pfizer bought Wyeth Pharmaceuticals for 68 billion dollars.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bryn Mawr Trust:Momentum Takes Hold

Since September,equities have been steadily regaining strength.Bryn Mawr Trust thinks the market is the ultimate leading indicator.It's gonna be tough to break this momentum for a while.Earnings will surprise on the upside.Positive growth in economically sensitive companies,as well as profit,will occur.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average has crossed the 11,000 mark for the first time since May.If we continue to look at an up market 12-18 months from now,the financials are gonna participate in that.
For sure,there's gonna be a reversion to the mean.As inflation picks up,stocks will outperform bonds again.
Eric Thorne is Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager at Bryn Mawr Trust.The full service bank with a specialty in affluent clients was founded in 1889,and has branches in the Philadelphia area.
Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation(BMTC)

Mohamed El-Erian:Assumptions And Actuality

Mohamed El-Erian,CEO of Pimco,has had many subtle thoughts regarding the present situation.For instance,he feels that the market has priced in an assumption that Quantitative Easing 2,or the Federal Reserve's adding assets to its balance sheet,will impact the real economy.In fact,every policy action carries a number of risks,such as:1.debasing the dollar;2.raising commodity prices;3.continuing the trend of outcomes falling short of expectations.There are not just benefits for investors to consider;but also costs and risks of Quantitative Easing 2.
The stimulus achieved a lot,but did not reach the unemployment target.People's expectations of stimulus were disappointed.The expectations were for a quick exit from government involvement.Now we have the prospect of more government involvement in the form of Quantitative Easing 2.Consistently,the policy expectations have not been matched.
We need fundamental structural reform to get this economy going again,to deal with supply and demand.You've got to get the housing market functioning again.It's a long list.
Our job is to navigate what's likely to be.There is no perfect solution in a world of second,third and fourth best.The political world is unwilling to decide what we're willing to give up.
The rocket has to go up sharply to reach escape velocity.There's a lot at stake,but you have to recognize the private sector is hoarding cash and continues de-risking.We went through a great age of leverage;now we're adjusting.The government has stepped in,but the private sector still wants to delever.It's the fundamental issue.It's all about balance sheets,Mr.El-Erian believes.
Pimco has more than a trillion dollars under management.The firm is best known for its bond funds,but has recently been developing its equity side.Mr.El-Erian shares the Chief Investment Officer role with Bill Gross,"the bond king."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

NSA Holds Career Invitational

The National Security Agency is holding a career invitational.Based at Fort Meade,Maryland,the NSA gathers and analyzes foreign signals intelligence and secures government information systems.It needs Computer Scientists;Computer/Electrical Engineers;Language Analysts(linguists);and Intelligence Analysts.U.S. citizenship is required.
The largest of the intelligence agencies,the NSA is headed by a high-ranking military officer.
You may apply online to by October 17.Qualified applicants will be invited to the December 1 event.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Frontiers in Medicine:USC's Stem Cell Center Opens Soon

On October 29,the Eli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at USC will open in Los Angeles.The 80 million dollar center,much of which was funded by the Broads' generous gift,will house up to 18 principal investigators and their research teams.
Consisting of 87,500 square feet on five stories,the center is characterized as an integral hub for stem cell research in Southern California by businessman and philanthropist Eli Broad(rhymes with "road").It is built to silver LEED standards-a mark of high environmental integrity-and will take its place alongside several other institutes on the USC Health Sciences Campus.
The center is led by Keck School of Medicine Professor Martin Pera,PhD,who describes its purpose as research aimed at the treatment of a vast spectrum of diseases.It will enable USC researchers and their colleagues to convert exciting fundamental discoveries into new therapies.The center focuses on liver disease;diabetes;heart,eye and blood diseases;as well as cancer.
Dr.Pera,a pharmacologist,is a graduate of George Washington University and Oxford University.Principal donor The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation supports progress in education,science and the arts.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stock Market Ways:What Light Trading Volume Means

The stock market's behavior has been marked by a light trading volume recovery.Light trading volume often means high volatility,says Chris Johnson of the Johnson Research Group.It indicates low confidence in the market.
Strong trading volume is necessary for a long term rally.Such volume will help portfolio performance,and can be found in certain sectors even today.
The regional banking,real estate and industrial sectors have seen low trading volume.Margins are very tight in regional banking.
It is time to get into high trading volume stocks.Institutional money managers are doing this.
Mr.Johnson,who has worked at Schaeffer's Investment Research,highlights the exchange traded funds IYZ,telecom;EWM,Malaysia;DVY,select dividend;and the retail sector as higher trading volume prospects for investors to consider at this time.

JNJ's Crisis Management

Johnson and Johnson has responded to a series of recalls it made across different product lines.Involved were children's versions of Tylenol and Motrin,as well as Rolaids,Benadryl and St.Joseph's aspirin.CEO William Weldon pointed out that they took everything out of the market.They looked at every facility worldwide.
They brought in outside experts to look at problem facilities.They put an individual in to look at the supply chain and report directly to Mr.Weldon to ensure consistency.
JNJ will invest 100 million dollars to improve quality and operations.The recalls were voluntary,and no one got sick.
According to a survey,the company's response has been effective.The brands have been protected.Closing the plant and removing all the product from the shelf,as well as the other measures,have reassured consumers that this was a brief lapse of competence.
A company of JNJ's size will inevitably be dealing with product recalls.It needs an impressive skill set to handle these crises satisfactorily.
Johnson and Johnson(JNJ)

A.M. Asia

Tokyo woke to a sunny morning with a light breeze.The Bank of Japan will begin a two day meeting there.It is expected to expand a low interest loan facility.There are 30 trillion yen available for the economy-boosting attempt.
The 19th Commonwealth Games have been opened in Delhi by Prince Charles.The eleven-day event will feature athletes from 71 countries and territories with a British inheritance.A big fireworks display capped off the showcase of Indian history and culture that initiated the games.India was sharply criticized for not preparing for the games adequately.Poor accommodations,infrastructure and security were cited by the critics.
Chinese initial public offerings have been doing well on the U.S. market.Shares of Chinacache International,an Internet content firm;as well as SouFun Holdings,a property website;and restaurant chain Country Style Cooking have appreciated significantly.
The week began with stocks gaining about 0.40 on the New Zealand market.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ground Broken For NCI

Ground was broken recently for a National Cancer Institute facility in Montgomery County,Maryland.Part of a Johns Hopkins University campus,the 200 million dollar project will consist of 575,000 square feet of office space over two connected buildings.It will house 2100 workers at completion in 2013,and is sited next to three JHU buildings already on Medical Center Drive.The buildings will be seven stories high and include retail space and a parking garage as well.
The project is part of the Shady Grove Life Sciences Center in the D.C. suburb of Rockville,Maryland.It will cover nine acres on the JHU campus,which is home to 16 biotech firms and serves 4,000 students and 450 faculty annually.The NCI facility supplements two others it currently occupies in Montgomery County.
Johns Hopkins University was the leading academic institution for total R&D spending in fiscal 2009 for the 31st consecutive year,according to the National Science Foundation.JHU spent 1.85 billion on medical,science and engineering research.
Johns Hopkins is spearheading a science city project in Montgomery County,Maryland.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Key Investor Question

For a financial advisor,the key is what investors are seeking.Doug Cliggott,Chief Equity Strategist at Credit Suisse,says CS is looking at a society that's getting older.They think it makes sense that investors are seeking less risk.The kind of high yield,low beta equities investors need are names such as AT&T,Pfizer,PepsiCo and McDonald's.
We need to alter our structure of taxation.We need plant and equipment investing.Companies aren't investing because there's no growth.Who isn't frustrated?We're about the same place we were 12 months ago,but with extraordinary volatility.In that world,it makes sense that people are seeking the perceived security of the bond market.That's why CS recommends low volatility stocks with good yields.
A year from now,we could well be where we are right now.Earnings next year could be where we are this year.It's a dangerous,high risk environment,Doug Cliggott believes.
Credit Suisse(CS),AT&T(T),Pfizer(PFE),PepsiCo(PEP),McDonald's(MCD)

Xerox Expands Business Model

Xerox has been augmenting its business model recently.There is nothing growing faster than data,CEO Ursula Burns observes.Their approach is to make the data overflow more useful.Xerox is spending a lot on educating its sales force about this,and is funding the business by becoming more efficient.
Smaller devices and high end color had a step-out in Q2.The one place Xerox is gonna focus is outside the U.S.,taking business process outsourcing where it hasn't been introduced.They're also spending sales dollars on educating people that Xerox has solutions to cost-effective color printing.Most business processing is done internally,so there is a big market for outsourcing out there.Companies would like to spend more time on their real business of serving their customers.
At its core,Xerox is a huge technology company.When they get cash,their number one requirement is paying down their debt:the Affiliated Computer Services acquisition.That should be accomplished by mid-2011.Then Xerox will turn to shareholder return and investing.
Xerox is a different company today.They help companies manage their infrastructure effectively.Pay attention to what Xerox is today,helping its clients change their businesses and serve their customers better,CEO Ursula Burns pleads.
Xerox was recently upgraded in a Barron's magazine article for this move into outsourcing.

New York Life Still Hiring

New York Life has stood strong throughout the financial crisis,which is why it is still hiring today.Many successful individuals have already improved their prospects by joining this leading firm.Honored by Fortune magazine as one of the world's most admired companies,it has lead the U.S. in sales of life insurance and lifetime income annuities.
New York Life offers comprehensive professional training,the latest technological tools and substantial compensation opportunities.Please fill out the form at to be contacted by a recruiter.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Depth:Seasonal Flu Vaccine 2010-2011

The annual seasonal influenza vaccine is being rolled out nationwide,and the Centers for Disease Control has released guidelines for the vaccine.This year,the vaccine provides protection against the HIN1,H3N2 and influenza B strains.Flu season usually peaks around January,but outbreaks are possible as early as October.It takes about two weeks to develop the protective antibodies stimulated by the vaccine.
The injection form of the vaccine is approved for most people older than six months of age.The FluMist inhaled vaccine is for healthy people between 2-49 years of age who are not pregnant.
Those at high risk for flu include pregnant women;those who are 50+;those of any age with certain chronic illnesses;people in nursing homes or other long term care facilities;and those who care for any of the above groups.
Certain people should consult a physician before being vaccinated:those with a severe chicken egg allergy;those who have had a severe reaction to a previous flu vaccine;those who developed Guillan-Barre syndrome within six weeks of getting a flu vaccine;children less than six months old;and those with a moderate to severe illness with a fever,who should wait until they recover.
The vaccine offers protection only against specific strains of influenza.It provides about a 70% chance of being protected from those strains.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boeing Developing Space Capsule

Through its Space Exploration division,Boeing is developing a multiple use space capsule,the Boeing Crew Space Transportation-100.Boeing plans to use the CST-100 to transport crews to the International Space Station and future commercial Low Earth Orbit platforms.
The capsule can carry up to seven people.It can fly on multiple launch vehicles,and is expected to be operational by 2015.
In cooperation with Space Adventures,a Vienna,Virginia firm which has marketed spare seats on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft,Boeing plans to offer safe,affordable transportation to commercial spaceflight customers in the excess seating capacity of the CST-100.
These plans are contingent upon congrssional approval of funds for commercial space flight and Boeing's winning a NASA contract for astronaut transportation.Congress and the Obama administration are still wrangling over the future of NASA's manned spaceflight program.The space shuttle is to be retired next year.

Market Strategist Sees Grinding

Stephen Wood,Chief Market Strategist at Russell Investments,thinks we just kind of grind it up.It's gonna increasingly be a stock picker's market.Some of his current investment preferences are areas of consumer discretionary,staples,tech,commodities and fixed income.
Dr.Wood isn't convinced the upcoming U.S. election is all-important.He thinks we'll probably grind through more of the same.
Stephen Wood holds a PhD in International Political Economy from Claremont College.He helps manage more than 140 billion dollars of assets at Russell Investments,which serves more than 2900 institutional clients and millions of individual investors in 46 countries.
Russell Investments is the creator of the noted Russell Global Indexes,such as the Russell 2000 small cap index.It manages more than 400 investment funds.

Professional/General Positions

The Washington Post Mega Career Fair will include a Professional/General Pavilion for all experience levels.Exhibitors such as Allstate,Amtrak,Fairfax County Public Schools and the Transportation Security Administration will be present.Positions ranging from sales and management to marketing and HR will be recruited for.A hard copy of your resume must be submitted at the event.It will be held on Wednesday,September 22 from 11am-5pm at
Sheraton National Crystal City
900 South Orme Street
Arlington,VA 22204
For more information,visit

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Biotech's Respiratory Virus Treatment:FDA Dissatisfied

The Food and Drug Administration has requested that biotech firm MedImmune conduct further study of its respiratory virus treatment motavizumab.MedImmune recieved a complete response letter from the FDA asking for an additional clinical trial of motavizumab that supports a satisfactory risk/benefit profile.MedImmune,the biologics unit of British drugmaker AstraZeneca,said it will thoroughly review the letter and make a decision in due course about motavizumab,which it says it continues to believe in.It was the second complete response letter it had recieved from the FDA in the course of seeking approval for the treatment.
Motavizumab is being investigated to treat respiratory syncytial virus,which poses a threat to certain infants and adults.RSV typically causes a mild cold-like illness that clears up within a few weeks,but can be more severe,causing pneumonia or bronchitis in young babies,premature babies or adults,especially those with chronic heart or lung problems-possibly leading to death and requiring hospitalization.
Motavizumab is a monoclonal antibody,which is an antibody produced by a cloned cell that binds to a targeted cell,potentially stimulating the patient's immune system to attack the target cell.
Based in Gaithersburg,Maryland,MedImmune employs about 3300 people worldwide.It also has facilities in Frederick,Maryland and Cambridge,U.K.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bryn Mawr Trust:Seeing Signs,Adjusting The Portfolio

Bryn Mawr Trust believes that corporate America will continue to strengthen,then hire and bring consumers back in.The trust is starting to see signs this economy is improving.They've lowered their large cap stock weighting and raised their mid-cap and small cap weightings.
Emerging markets will continue to be a good place for long term investors,although you will see your ups and downs,according to Eric Thorne,Vice-President and Senior Portfolio Manager at Bryn Mawr Trust.
Bryn Mawr Trust is a full service bank for individuals,affluent families,closely-held businesses and non-profit organizations.It is based in Bryn Mawr,Pennsylvania,which is near Philadelphia.
Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation(BMTC)

Rental Apartments Reveal Facts

Richard LeFrak,head of The LeFrak Organization,a major developer,says he deals with consumers at an interesting level.In certain markets,there's an increased demand for rental apartments.It means the sale business has been tainted,but it also means people are able to deal with their necessities.
Mr.LeFrak thinks there's some recognition by the government that the flailing of the past 18 months didn't achieve what they wanted to achieve.This coming election is gonna have to do with people's attitude about the future:optimism or pessimism.Hiring follows optimism.We'll have to see what November brings.
The LeFrak Organization,which is privately held,was founded by Mr.LeFrak's grandfather,Harry,in 1901.Besides large scale residential and commercial real estate development and management in New York,Los Angeles and London,it holds onshore energy assets and a securities portfolio.

Community College Jobs

Northern Virginia Community College,a major institution in the D.C. suburbs,is currently hiring.The school enrolls over 75,000 on six campuses and its Extended Learning Institute.NOVA is Virginia's largest institution of higher learning and one of America's largest community colleges.
For more information and to complete the required online application,those interested should visit and click on the jobs link.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vitamin D and Colorectal Cancer

Those with higher vitamin D levels appear less likely to develop colorectal cancer in the first place;but if they do,they seem less likely to die from it,a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found.The study set out to explore the influence of vitamin D on the outcome of patients with established colorectal cancer.It found that higher vitamin D levels were associated with a significant reduction in overall mortality,and a trend toward improved colorectal cancer mortality was also observed.
The study concluded that,among colorectal cancer patients,higher prediagnosis vitamin D levels were associated with a significant improvement in overall survival.Further study of the vitamin D pathway and its influence on colorectal cancer origins and progression is warranted,the authors felt.Corresponding author was Kimmie Ng,MD,MPH,of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.
Colorectal cancer is diagnosed in 112,000 Americans every year.Its incidence has also been associated with red meat and processed meat consumption.
The publisher is not responsible for readers' decisions regarding health,finance or any other matter.They should seek professional advice before making important decisions such as a change in diet or the purchase of securities.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Analyst:Texas Instruments Looking Good

Texas Instruments is in a great position right now,according to Patrick Wang of Wedbush Morgan Securities.It has bought manufacturing capacity at a bargain level.It's interested in continuing a small acquisition strategy with its 2.3 billion in cash.
Mr.Wang doesn't see TXN levering up its balance sheet.They've added 4.5 billion in extra capacity in the last year.They bought it at pennies on the dollar.It's a buffer for the electronics firm against a double dip recession or slowing market trends,in Mr.Wang's opinion.
Texas Instruments(TXN)

TD Bank's Priority Works

Toronto Dominion Bank has seen its profit soar 29% recently.CEO Ed Clark said they really like the firm's business mix.They are 85% retail and 15% wholesale.Their trading revenues were down,but retail earnings were up.While wholesale income fell 45%,the U.S. division's revenue grew 17%.TD is the only bank that grows its loans every quarter,Mr.Clark asserts.
TD Bank is open about 50% more hours than anyone else.They generally like to keep the loans on their books.If they do sell them off,they like to have a servicing agreement so they can still serve their clients.The AAA-rated bank has reoriented its wholesale business to be conservative,not take risks,Ed Clark maintains.
Toronto Dominion Bank(TD)

Foxconn Cuts Growth Target

Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group,the world's largest contract electronics maker,has slashed its long term growth target in half,from 30% to 15%,which may ease the pressure on its huge workforce of one million.The company was racked by a rash of employee suicides earlier this year,as well as the recent falloff in pc sales.It does work for Hewlett Packard,Dell and Apple,as well as Cisco and Nokia,making everything from handsets to servers.
Despite having a bigger market capitalization than Sony,Foxconn has been the worst performer on Hong Kong's Hang Seng index this year,with a profit decline of 44.46%.There are no buy ratings on the stock of the troubled firm.Terry Gou,59,is the forthright Taiwanese founder of the company,and says he has no intention of retiring anytime soon.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pfizer Acquires Biotech Firm

Pfizer,a world-leading drug producer and marketer,is to acquire FoldRx,a privately held company that specializes in innovative oral medicines to treat diseases caused by protein misfolding.Protein misfolding is increasingly considered an underlying cause of many chronic degenerative conditions.FoldRx's main candidate,tafamidis,is registered as an oral therapy for TTR amyloid polyneuropathy,or ATTR-PN,a progressively fatal genetic neurological disorder.The biotech firm has filed a marketing application for tafamidis with the European Medicines Agency,and the drug has been fast-tracked by the FDA.
To this point,only liver transplants have been available to treat ATTR-PN.Liver transplants are not uniformly effective and are often fatal in their own right.At least 8,000 patients worldwide have ATTR-PN,most of them in the European Union.
TTR is a liver protein that,when defective,gets lodged in peripheral nerve tissue,causing neurological disorders such as ATTR-PN.
FoldRx's small molecule therapeutics,based on proprietary expertise,are also being applied to a discovery program in cystic fibrosis,Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases.Pfizer sees the acquisition of FoldRx as a way to bolster its rare disease portfolio and assist the patients with its medical,administrative,manufacturing and marketing proficiencies.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Luxury Homebuilding:The Toll Brothers View

Toll Brothers' buyers are skittish;they're scared.It's been a choppy summer.The psyche of this country is fragile.We need good news,to get the bad news out of the headlines.There is tremendous pent-up demand.Right now,they're just skittish.The tax credit didn't help Toll Brothers.It's the highest time ever for affordability,with the 4% rate.Toll Brothers doesn't think it's about a price reduction.Their backlog is down.They have about nine months' visibility.They're not a spec builder.In the short term,they think it's slowing,but in the long term,they think it looks pretty good.They feel pretty good about 2011.The housing market problems started with Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
It really begins with the quality of a Toll Brothers visitor.The quality today is up significantly.They seem to be real qualified visitors who are interested in buying.
Douglas Yearley is now CEO of Toll Brothers,having succeeded Bob Toll.They describe themselves as "America's Luxury Home Builders."They sponsor Metropolitan Opera broadcasts on public radio.
Toll Brothers(TOL)

Barclays Capital Market Insights

The outlook from Barclays Capital is that,in reality,the macro environment's been deteriorating for the past few months.It's the end of the inventory replenishment cycle.There is no evidence of increased consumption.The Cisco news was a shocker on business consumption.Clearly it's not sustainable.Given the shape of the labor market,there will be no improvement over the next 4-6 weeks.
Barclays thinks 2011 earnings will be up 5%,not 15%.Current stock valuations are relatively attractive,but clearly there's a risk of tipping back over.The potential of a tax hike could tip us over the edge.
Barclays has increased its allocation of staples and utilities.If we can get through to the other side,the two cyclical sectors with the best chance to be secular leaders would be industrials and tech.Barclays has taken tech down for the next several months,however,as the chip replenishment cycle is over.
Barry Knapp is Chief U.S. Portfolio Strategist at Barclays Capital.

Bank of America Needs Sales Staff

Bank of America has 312 openings for sales staff nationwide,especially in the mortgage loan area.To apply,visit Type "sales-all states-all positions-all travel-all shifts" into the appropriate boxes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

British Study:Middle Age Exercise Crucial

Whether you get enough exercise in middle age is determinative of your physical ability in old age,a new British study confirms.The research by Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry,an affiliate of the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth,reviewed two long term studies of ageing in the U.S. and U.K. respectively,considering the experiences of more than 9200 individuals.It shows that the rate of physical impairment is twice as high in old age among those who were less active in middle age.Dr.Iain Lang,who led the research,said it wasn't just a matter of losing weight.The results applied across weight classes.Exercise in middle age helped people remain physically healthy and active later in life.
According to the research,exercise of 30 minutes at least three times a weak reduced disability occurrence by 11%.Walking distances,climbing stairs,balance and grip tend to be preserved by a history of exercise in middle age.Intensive gardening,housework,sport and job physical activity were all helpful.
Much of PCMD's research is focused on the theme of Diabetes,Cardiovascular Risk and Ageing.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Commercial Real Estate Today

Commercial real estate magnate Sam Zell observes that there's a lot of activity going on.Eventually all that space will get filled.In apartments,they're getting very successful numbers,very rapidly getting back to the figures of 2007.There's a lot of demand for office space,but at 20-30% less than peak rates.It has to fill first.A lot of tenants want to lower square footage per employee.There's opportunity there to get much more efficient.Each segment of the commercial real estate market has to be viewed separately.
Equity International,part of Equity Group Investments,Mr.Zell's holding company,is investing in Brazil.Brazil is self-sufficient,growing,and has solved inflation.It's likely to be one of the fastest growing countries in the world over the next 5-10 years.The country as a whole has about 8% debt compared to 70% in the U.S.EGI's investment philosophy in the emerging markets is about that whole aspirational population and how they're gonna get serviced.
China's a more difficult environment to work in than Brazil.There can be very strict government control there,conforming to a goal they're trying to achieve.
In the U.S.,we're still soft on the demand side.There's a lot of obsolescent real estate,such as anchorless centers-most of them are dying-or office centers in ex-urbia.The issue in the U.S. today continues to be confidence and the unpredictability of the administration.The health care bill is a huge economic time bomb for this country,and it's gonna have to be modified,in Sam Zell's opinion.
Mr.Zell is Chairman of Equity Group Investments,the multi-billion dollar,diversified holding company which he co-founded in 1968.It is based in Chicago.

Accepting The Economic Conditions

Bob Doll,a Vice President at BlackRock,the world's largest money manager,notes that we had +10% growth from early 2007-early 2008,but we have to recognize we are now in a deleveraging world.We're gonna be in for a number of years of below trend growth of 2%,rather than 3.5% as it had been.
You can't target where this money is gonna go.If consumers are deleveraging,you really have to hit them over the head to change that,and Mr.Doll doesn't think that will be any time soon.People are being cautious,paying down the debt,and there's no confidence.The Federal Reserve has to buy time here,be steady as she goes,accept slow growth.
The Fed has announced it is maintaining its balance sheet,buying Treasuries to keep borrowing costs low in support of growth,or at least make a gesture to inspire confidence.

Anglo-American Contractor Hiring

BAE Systems,a major defense and intelligence contractor in both the U.K. and U.S.,is looking for candidates with technology or intelligence backgrounds for mainly cleared positions.They will continually advance the mission-to predict,prevent,and protect.Current career opportunities exist for Senior Systems Engineers/Analysts,Software Developers,Cyber Investigators,Systems Administrators,SQL Database Administrators,Service Delivery Managers,Image Scientists,Deployable Analysts(Counter IED,HUMINT,SIGINT,Collections,All Source,Counterterrorism,Human Terrain),Political Military Analysts,Imagery Analysts,Photogrammetrists,Geospatial Analysts,Contracts/Subcontracts Administrators.
For detailed information,please visit their website at and search for requisition number:351409.
BAE Systems.Real Commitment.Real Advantage.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lupus Drug Made Priority

The FDA has granted a priority review designation to the lupus drug Benlysta,a joint project of Human Genome Sciences and its partner GlaxoSmithKline.Benlysta is the first medicine for systemic lupus erythematosus,the most common form of the disease,to complete Phase 3 trials with positive results,said Dr.Carlo Russo,Senior Vice President,Biopharm Development with GSK.The priority review designation is given to therapies that offer major advances in treatment or provide a treatment where no adequate therapy exists.European marketing authorization is also being sought for Benlysta.
Lupus is an autoimmune disease that is most common among women of Asian,African or Hispanic heritage.It is a chronic inflammatory disorder caused by the body's immune system attacking its own organs and tissues.Like multiple sclerosis,lupus has a wide variety of symptoms and is difficult to diagnose.Most cases are mild with episodic flare-ups.Symptoms range from fatigue and fever to joint pain and skin lesions.Lupus can be fatal,damaging the kidneys,causing atherosclerosis,or hardening of the arteries,and possibly even the cancer non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.The American College of Rheumatology has compiled a checklist of 11 clinical and laboratory criteria to assist with diagnosis.
HGSI and GSK entered into a co-development and commercialization agreement for Benlysta in 2006.They will share equally in development costs,sales,marketing expenses and profits,pending approval.
Human Genome Sciences is based in Rockville,Maryland and GlaxoSmithKline is a British firm.
Human Genome Sciences(HGSI),GlaxoSmithKline(GSK)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Business Climate:Confidence An Absolute Factor

Lakshman Achuthan,Research Director of the Economic Cycle Research Institute,thinks the global industrial growth rate is slowing.The question is,does the slowdown turn into an outright recession?Every time you have a slowdown,the risk of recession does go up.
Confidence absolutely factors into Mr.Achuthan's work.It is a large driver of the business cycle,both from the consumer and the corporate side.You have a giant era of pessimism following a crisis.That's exactly what you're seeing now,Mr.Achuthan believes.
Byron Wien,a Vice-President at The Blackstone Group,L.P.,notes that people aren't buying stocks because they're worried there's a structural impairment.We're deleveraging,and on that basis growth is gonna be slow.This is a fear trade.
Since 2000,there's been zero return on equities.One percent return on Treasuries is better than zero.Eighty percent of the time,the market does go up over the course of a decade,but the days of a 15% return over a 20 year period are not coming back,Mr.Wien cautioned.
Treasury yields have been pushed to record lows as investors distrustful of the recovery seek the traditional safe havens.
The Blackstone Group,L.P.(BX)

Siemens USA Is Expanding

Erich Spiegal,CEO of Siemens USA,a division of the German multinational conglomerate,reports they are nimbly expanding their wind turbine business.Siemens is adding close to 1,000 jobs in Charlotte,North Carolina.Orders are up and business is getting better.
Business at large is waiting to see where the economy goes and legislation goes.The impact of the reform is relatively minor.Siemens sees relatively positive signs.Some of their big hospital customers are starting to spend.Gas turbines has become a very profitable business for them.
Mr.Spiegal thinks tax incentives are needed to spur growth.One third of Siemens' business today is renewable energy.It's a field President Barack Obama has highlighted as a promising source of new jobs.

Manassas City Seeks Teachers

Manassas City Public Schools in Northern Virginia needs a number of teachers.They have openings for the following:Elementary,Elementary Math Title I,English 9-12,ESOL(all grade levels),Math 7-12,Reading Specialist K-4,SpEd/LD(all grade levels),Speech Therapist,Substitute Teachers,plus Director of Transportation.Teacher candidates must be highly qualified and eligible for a VA teaching license with appropriate endorsement.A competitive salary and benefits package are offered.For more information and to apply,visit their website at

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pandemic Over,Superbug Arrives

The World Health Organization,a UN agency headed by Hong Kong native Dr.Margaret Chen,has declared the H1N1 flu pandemic to be officially over.In total,about 18,500 people worldwide have died from the disease.Although safe vaccines were developed,they arrived in adequate quantities rather late on the scene in the U.S.,when it had become apparent that the pandemic was not going as badly as had initially been feared.In consequence,many decided not to bother with the inoculation.Others abstained because they were suspicious of its safety.Nonetheless,the pandemic served as a wake-up call and training exercise for public health workers and the pharmaceutical industry alike.The next time there is a flu pandemic,things should go much more smoothly based on the lessons learned.
The H1N1 virus will most likely continue to circulate for many years along the lines of the more familiar seasonal influenza.
A new infectious disease concern that has arisen in recent months is a so-called superbug that apparently originated in South Asia and has now been discovered in several other regions,including North America.This drug-resistant germ is mainly seen as a urinary tract infection.While in the lower urinary tract,it isn't lethal.If it isn't treated correctly there,however,the infection can spread to the upper urinary tract,where it can reach the kidneys and cause death.
Some 37 British patients contracted the superbug,called NDM-1,while having discount surgery in India.NDM-1 galvanizes some bacteria against antibiotics,especially E.coli,which causes the urinary tract infections.There are no antibiotics specifically for NDM-1,but few people have died from it to this point.NDM-I has been detected in Canada,the U.S.,Australia,the Netherlands and Sweden.The fear is that,as medical tourism grows,so will the prevalence of this drug-resistant organism.
The medical authorities are calling for more surveillance of this emerging danger.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Procter&Gamble Explains Misses

Procter and Gamble's earnings report missed estimates on both the top and bottom lines.Earnings per share were 0.71 cents,versus an estimate of 0.73,while revenue was at 18.93 billion dollars,versus an estimate 0f 19.102 billion.Chief Financial Officer Joe Moeller said this was because the company chooses to invest more behind significant innovation and strategic initiatives.Procter&Gamble is building market share in every one of its regions.In the developed world,things are relatively slow.There is good growth in the developing world,but it is 25% below standard.
Procter&Gamble is seeing the re-acceleration of branded sales.The Pro-Glide razor is doing well.Pampers Dry-Max is doing extremely well.There's a very exciting year ahead of Procter&Gamble.There will be a Crest 3D White,a new laundry brand in India and a reformulation of Tide for the first time in 10 years.The company has a very sufficient pipeline for innovation,Mr.Moeller believes.
Procter&Gamble is headquartered in Cincinatti,Ohio.

Geithner At NYU:Comeback Confidence

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner expressed confidence in the nation's future at NYU's Stern School of Business recently.Mr.Geithner feels that America is coming back;the economy is healing.Typically,recoveries following a crisis are more moderate.You always face more headwinds.Businesses are starting to hire,but the U.S. needs to bring the fiscal deficit down.Economic growth needs confidence that the U.S. will cut debt.This debt reduction will be a difficult process.
We're seeing more stability in house prices,but we still have a lot to work through.The system we have today is not tenable for the future.Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac built up huge portfolios of mortgage-backed securities without the capital to back up the risk.
The government still has substantial capacity to respond to a future crisis,Mr.Geithner said,wearing a black suit,blue shirt and blue tie.He did not believe the U.S. is headed for Japanese-style deflation.Most countries wait too long to respond to crises.The President made it clear we were not gonna do that.We decided to act with force.The major firms are in a much stronger position because we forced them to disclose and raise more capital.Because of that,the world turned and the basic beginnings of recovery began.Mr.Geithner is very confident we're gonna avoid the Japanese fate.

NIH Needs Health Scientists

The National Institutes of Health are hiring several health scientist administrators and scientists.They want exceptionally talented,knowledgeable and motivated individuals for their dynamic organization.
Health Scientist Administrators(Program Officer and Scientific Review Officer)are needed for specialties ranging from Alcoholism to Economics,Genetics,Gerontology,Psychology,Sociology and more.Positions will be advertised until August 20.For information,visit
Scientists(Biologist and Chemist) are needed for specialties ranging from Bioinformatics,Histology and Immunology to Microscopy.Positions will be advertised until August 13.For information,visit and
An excellent Federal Government Benefits Package and opportunities for professional development are offered.Discover a career at NIH:It's about life.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

WellPoint Anxious For Clarity

As the nation's largest health insurer,WellPoint is anxious to get certainty about health care reform and economic recovery.It does appear that we've hit the floor at this point,according to Chief Financial Officer Wayne S. DeVeydt,and we might see improvement in the next quarter.The 14% increase in WellPoint's premiums in California is not sustainable,however.They've got to get the care costs down.The key is avoiding duplicate procedures.
The health care reform law is weighing on WellPoint's stock.They have to get better clarity about it soon.Nonetheless,the firm's net headcount isn't dropping.It employs about 42,000 Associates.
Based in Indianapolis,WellPoint operates as a licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association in 14 states,with 33.5 million members.It has been honored by Fortune magazine as a Most Admired Company in its field for 2007,and has also received a workplace diversity award.Its earnings per share were up for Q2,and it raised its full year guidance as well.WellPoint buys back billions of dollars worth of shares to support its stock.Angela F. Braly is President,Chair and CEO of the insurer.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Inventory Can't Provide

To bring unemployment down,we need growth closer to 3%,in the view of economist Mark Zandi,co-founder of Moody's Analytics.U.S. growth was only 2.4% in Q2.A lot of the growth we had was due to inventory rebuilding.It's not engaging in a self-sustaining economic expansion.With many headwinds to hinder growth,there's reason to be nervous.
The rate of manufacturing growth is starting to slow.They can't continue to count on inventory-related gain.
The Institute for Supply Management's Manufacturing Survey released this morning was at 55.5 for July,a decline from June's reading of 56.2.A reading over 50 indicates growth.
Mr.Zandi said he was surprised by Europe's performance and how well the governments have executed austerity plans.Euro-zone inflation is at 1.7%,a 20-month high.Inflation is considered to be one of the markers of economic growth.
Moody's Corporation(MOC)

Echoing Sentiments:This Recovery

Gross Domestic Product for Q2 came in at an anemic 2.4%,which was weaker than expected.Tom Porcelli of RBC Capital Markets says that,normally,recovery means 4-5% GDP growth.It seems like a pretty good environment for investors to continue their Treasury purchases.If you look at revenue increases,they are only at 9% year over year.The economy still remains very,very moribund.
This sentiment is echoed by Bill Dunkelberg,Chief Economist of the National Federation of Independent Business.The recovery this time has been led by rebuilding inventory,Mr.Dunkelberg observed.For the last two years,we got rid of everything we could trying to stay in business,and now that is being replaced.
Consumer sales aren't there,and profits are down.The consumer doesn't feel comfortable doing anything more than what is absolutely necessary,Bill Dunkelberg noted.
Reports released this morning showed a drop in both factory orders and pending home sales.Under such conditions,triple digit market gains may be unsustainable.
Royal Bank of Canada(RBC)

Lockheed Martin Is Hiring

Lockheed Martin,a global security company that enables smart power,is holding an open house event on Thursday,August 5 from 10am to 7pm at
Sheraton Reston Hotel
11810 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston,VA 20191
There will be on-the-spot interviews.Please bring multiple copies of your resume.
Lockheed needs experienced professionals such as Database Administrators,Senior Analysts,Network Engineers,Software Engineers and Systems and Database Engineers.Desktop Technician and Help Desk Support are also sought.Those selected will be subject to a government security investigation.
To learn more or to apply online if you cannot attend,visit
Powered by innovation,guided by integrity,everything is possible.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

From Lab To L.A.:Keck School Uses NIH Award

USC's Keck School of Medicine will be putting a 58 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health to good use in the communities of the Los Angeles Basin.The Clinical and Translational Science Award supports and promotes scientific discoveries and their health care applications in the real world.The Keck School will focus the award on the health problems of people in the densely populated urban environment of the Los Angeles Basin.The Clinical and Translational Science Institute already exists at Keck,presided over by Dr.Thomas A. Buchanan,Associate Dean for Clinical Research at Keck.USC competed with 38 other institutions for one of the nine awards.
Clinical and translational research connects basic scientists to clinical and community researchers and practitioners with the goal of accelerating the translation of lab discoveries into practical help for citizens.It can take up to 20 years for such discoveries to make their way into communities without the benefit of the perspective of clinical and translational research..Some of the many problems Keck and its several partners in academia,government and other realms are addressing include:
1.Relationship between childhood obesity and leukemia;
2.Disparities in health outcomes between sickle cell disease patients in L.A. and those elsewhere;and
3.Relationship between air pollution and the prevalence of chronic disease in urban communities.
Besides other professional schools at USC,among Keck's research partners are Kaiser Permanente of Southern California,the L.A. County health system and Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hyundai Heavy's China Plans

Hyundai Heavy Industries is building a plant in China for heavy duty bulldozers.The factory will initially produce 8,000 of the three and five ton machines a year,ramping up to 10,000 within five years.They are also planning to produce heavy equipment in Brazil,Africa and the Middle East,inspired by their success in China.They entered the Chinese market in 1995,and their Chinese operations account for 50% of their global sales.
Besides manufacturing construction equipment,Hyundai Heavy has a shipbuilding division that is number one globally,with 15% of the world market.The company also produces electrical systems,industrial plants and offshore structures.Hyundai Heavy is a component of South Korea's KOSPI composite stock price index.In the U.S.,the company trades on the OTC pink sheets.

Industry Reacts To FinReg

The Financial Services Roundtable,a trade group,has been digesting the new financial reform bill just signed into law by President Barack Obama.They're in the accepting reality stage,said CEO Steve Bartlett.Their industry finances about 65% of the American economy.Most people believe there will be some diminution of credit because of the new law.Lending has been pretty flat for a couple of quarters as it is.The systemic risk part of the law is really good.They're just gonna live with the new law.They're just gonna make it work.
JP Morgan Chase,Fidelity and State Farm are among the trade group's members.Pure investment banks such as Goldman Sachs are not.Goldman Sachs is a great,very sophisticated company.Although they're not members,it's important to the economy that they do well.
Price controls on debit cards are a scary thing.The breadth of the law's consumer protection language is beyond belief.You shouldn't have regulations for price controls or product selection.The free checking is probably gonna go away to pay for the new debit card rule.The industry and some of the companies did go overboard with fees,admitted Steve Bartlett of the Financial Services Roundtable.
Mr.Bartlett is a former Member of Congress and mayor of Dallas.
JP Morgan Chase(JPM),Goldman Sachs(GS)

Jobs Alert:Window Coverings Firm Hiring

nextday BLINDS,a leading custom window coverings retailer,is holding a jobs fair.They are seeking Managers,Assistant Managers and Sales Associates.Interviews will be held at two locations from 10 am to 2 pm on
Wednesday,July 28
Woodbridge Store
2475 Prince William Parkway
Woodbridge,VA 22192
Thursday,July 29
Rockville Store
12204 Rockville Pike
Rockville,MD 20852
Excellent compensation and benefits are offered.If unable to attend,please send your resume to and fill out the Online
nextday BLINDS
Exactly right.Completely you.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

From Thousands To Millions:The Jake Gittlen Cancer Research Foundation

The Jake Gittlen Cancer Research Foundation has grown fron raising 2500 dollars to a total well into the millions.Founded by Warren Gittlen as a memorial golf tournament to honor his father,who had died of cancer in 1970,the foundation funds oncology research at Penn State's Hershey Medical Center.It strives to recruit the top 10% of researchers,continuing to derive income from the golf tournament,the largest fund-raising amateur golf tournamnet in the U.S.It also receives funding from corporate sponsors-especially Giant Food Stores,which has donated over 5.4 million dollars over 28 years.Other sponsors include Giant vendors such as PepsiCo,Procter&Gamble,Clorox and Kraft Foods.
The foundation has raised more than 14 million to date.Its funds have been used to develop techniques and materials used in production of HPV vaccines such as Merck's Gardasil,a major preventitive of cervical cancer.This year,Gittlen Cancer Awareness Bracelets may be purchased for 10.00.The colorful beaded bracelets are handmade and show your support for cancer research,and all of the proceeds go to the Jake Gittlen Cancer Research Foundation.The bracelets may be purchased by emailing
Giant Food Stores operates hundreds of supermarkets in the Mid-Atlantic region.It is a brand of Dutch retailer Ahold.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why Intel Did Better

Intel's chips are used in 80% of the world's computers.Its Q2 results show that people and companies are investing in technology,Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith says.The enterprise market came back.They saw server and notebook sales strong.The IP network centers invested in posting information in the cloud.
Intel sees tablets as being a complimentary market.They saw nice growth in netbook sales and great growth in notebook.They think they're gonna be very well represented in tablets.
Intel's success is a combination of the strength of their product lines and their hard work to reduce their expenses.They're still really excited about the investment they're making in China.They saw that China over Q2 was a little stronger than normal seasonal patterns by the end of the quarter.China will be Intel's largest market in the world,Mr.Smith predicted.
Another tech titan,IBM,posted earnings per share that were greater than estimates,but,unlike Intel,reported revenue that missed the estimates of Wall Street analysts.Texas Instruments followed suit.
Intel(INTC),International Business Machines(IBM),Texas Instruments(TXN)

Why Canada Did Better

On the jobs front,Canada has clearly outperformed,says Andrew Pyle of full service financial firm Scotia McLeod.Canada's growth of over 2% is reflecting domestic demand.Commodities are a much bigger share of Canada's exports,but there's been a slight shift to domestic spending from commodities,which has been helpful in the past six months.He thinks Canada will get an interest rate hike before the end of the quarter.
The financial landscape in Canada was a lot firmer before the recession,Mr.Pyle indicates.Consumers there weren't hit by housing,so their wealth wasn't so impacted.Nonetheless,the direction of Canada's economy and the Canadian dollar,the Loonie, are tied to the U.S.,Canada's largest trading partner.If the U.S. takes a double dip,it won't be good for the Canadian economy,the financial planner noted.
Scotia McLeod is a division of Scotiabank.Founded in 1921,it serves clients through a number of branches,including the National Branch in Toronto.
Bank of Nova Scotia(BNS)

Jobs Alert:IBM Still Hiring

Are you an IBMer?If so,Big Blue is looking for you.If you can identify trends,think strategically,innovate and are ready to make the world work smarter,attend the IBM Global Business Services Open House on Tuesday,July 27 at
Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner
1700 Tysons Boulevard
McClean,VA 22102
For a list of openings and to pre-register,visit

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pfizer and Samsung Medical Center Collaborate

Pfizer,the world's largest pharmaceutical company,is collaborating on the study of liver cancer tumors from Korean patients with Samsung Medical Center in Seoul,South Korea.This joint research will generate genetic profiles and aims to direct therapies and enhance outcomes for liver cancer patients.Professor Park Cheol-Guen in Seoul and Dr.Neil Gibson,Pfizer's Vice President of Oncology Research,are among the participating scientists.
Liver cancer is especially common in Asia.Pfizer took note of South Korea's world class research environment and chose it as the hub for addressing Asia's pressing need for a liver cancer drug.SMC has been building a large liver cancer specimen collection and developing collaboration with research partners,expanding the knowledge base for liver cancer diagnosis and treatment.The institute has been designated a member of the Group of Leading Research Hospitals by the South Korean government.Choi Han-Yung,President of SMC,said the goal is to send a new message of hope for patients with liver cancer across the world-especially in Asia.Dr.Gibson explained that the partnership will combine Pfizer's competence in drug development with SMC's extensive genome information and technology in the liver cancer area.
Liver cancer is uncommon in the U.S.,but the rates of diagnosis are increasing.Chronic infection with hepatitis viruses is one known cause of the disease.As well,diabetes patients are at greater risk of developing liver cancer.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

TIAA-CREF Bullet Points

Roger W. Ferguson,CEO of pension fund manager TIAA-CREF,has a number of bullet points on his mind for investors.With regard to financial reforms,there needs to be:
1.More emphasis on risk
2.More emphasis on liquidity
4.Dedication to serving the consumers.
As for retirement,investors should:
1.Start saving earlier,setting aside 10-14% of income for a safe nest egg
2.Have a good,diversified portfolio that reflects their risk appetites,selected from 10-20 options
3.Seek out objective advice from non-commission advisors
4.Realize that with living for 20-30 years in retirement,you will need guaranteed income in the form of an annuity.
TIAA-CREF is regarded as one of the most painstaking money managers active in the market today.CEO Roger W. Ferguson was Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1999-2006.