Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Should You Invest in Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is s Silicon Valley company that produces fully electric vehicles that get high marks for drivability.It was co-founded by leading engineer Elon Musk.Tesla trades as a tech company,forward-looking,according to Ben Kallo,Senior Analyst at RW Baird.They'll eventually have to produce some earnings to back up the steep share price,when they demonstrate they can build a car for the average consumer at a price of about 32,000 dollars.They need a cheaper battery pack.Right now,Tesla produces performance cars that go for about 100,000.*Tesla holds an 8% share of the US luxury car market and showed an 8% improvement in gross margins.I'm at a 118 price target on the stock-meaning it is presently overpriced.It closed at 147.95,up 0.39%,in Monday after hours trading.*Tesla has built a brand with a loyal following that is spreading like wildfire,Mr.Kallo concluded.*Based in Palo Alto,California,Tesla has 31 stores and service centers worldwide,and is on the road in 37 countries.Two models are currently available,the Roadster and the Model S.The Model X utility vehicle will be available in 2014,the company says.*Tesla Motors(TSLA)

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