Monday, August 19, 2013

Baseball Psychodrama:A-Rod Drilled;Gets Revenge Later

Alex Rodriguez,the controversial third baseman for the New York Yankees,was deliberately struck with a second inning pitch by Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster in a Sunday night game at Boston's Fenway Park.The game was nationally televised on ESPN.Apparently,Dempster had taken it upon himself to be the enforcer for the Boston fans who had greeted A-Rod with loud boos in reponse to the embattled slugger's alleged involvement with performance enhancing drugs,or PEDs.*A-Rod just stood there looking stunned when Dempster threw the baseball directly at him,remarkably composed despite the hostile act.Umpire Brian O'Nora warned both ball clubs that any further nonsense would result in the offender being tossed from the game.That wasn't enough for Yankees manager Joe Girardi,who ran out on the field,beside himself with anger at O'Nora for not ejecting Dempster straight off.He screamed in O'Nora's face and promptly got tossed out himself.Several of A-Rod's teammates also ran onto the field to support him.*A-Rod got his revenge by hitting a home run off Dempster in the sixth inning,plus two other hits in the game,leading the Yankees to a 9-6 victory over the Red Sox,their bitter rivals in the American league East division.*After the game,A-Rod said the win was huge.These guys have such a great team.Obviously it was a weird situation there.I didn't scream anything at them.Not everybody hates me.I have some great teammates.I have faith in God and a lot of people praying for me.I've always been booed.The key is for us to win games,and we're doing that.*It was A-Rod's 649th home run of his career.He is fifth in the all time home run list,six behind San Francisco Giants legend Willie Mays.Many say there should be an asterisk beside A-Rod's career records because he used PEDs at various points in his career.They also feel A-Rod should be barred from the Hall of Fame.The Yankees star is currently appealing a lengthy suspension from baseball for his alleged involvement with a Florida anti-aging clinic,Biogenesis,that reportedly administered PEDs to athletes.*The Yankees have an outside chance at a post-season slot this year,with many having already written them off.The team and its fans hope that the return of A-Rod to the lineup after being injured most of this season will be the catalyst that propels them to the playoffs.

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