Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cybersecurity Innovator:Impermium Corporation

How do we protect ourselves on the Internet?To a large degree,it's the websites we rely upon that need to take care of us,according to Mark Risher,co-founder and CEO of cybersecurity gatekeeper Impermium Corporation.They need to look very broadly,not just at the password.How is she doing?What computer is she utilising?
We have to look at all the accounts and potential invaders.There has been a widespread increase in attacks.The hackers can act with impunity from anywhere in the world,and we're just gonna see more of them.Public broadcaster National Public Radio and asset manager BlackRock are among the recent victims of cyber attacks.
Impermium provides security for more than 300,000 websites worldwide.Tumblr,Pinterest,ESPN,CNN and The Washington Post are among their clients.The company uses social reputation to identify the actor behind each transaction.
With its Social SIGINT data set,the firm uses intelligent algorithms to identify threats.Malicious users look differently;visit different sites;come from different parts of the Internet;and behave differently,Impermium says.Social rep collected from its more than 300,000 sites provides invaluable insight into both known and emerging threats.
Impermium is backed by leading venture capital firms.

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