Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Investing Today:Trends and Prospects

There are certain types of home buyers that want a new home.I don't see that dissipating quickly,said Carl Tannenbaum,chief economist at Northern Trust.Prices almost across the country are rising nicely.
I don't think the risk of disinflation in the US is terribly high.The Great Recession created a lot of capacity in factories and labour markets,and we're just now bringing that down.As long as we don't have backsliding,I think the Federal Reserve will start tapering back their asset purchasing.
Chinese home prices rose as those in Guangzhou soared by the most in over two years.
The late forties and early fifties are the only really comparable period to today,according to Barry Knapp,head of equity strategy at Barclays Capital.Not until the Fed exited did defensive stocks underperform.
Looking deep within the equity market,any exposure to China massively underperformed in the past month.Japan's gain is the rest of Asia's loss.
Ford says it can capture 6% of the Chinese auto market by 2015,while Intel forecasts Q2 earnings that may beat estimates on server chip demand.PepsiCo's Q1 profit beat estimates as snack food sales rose.
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