Monday, September 12, 2016

HP Acquires Samsung Printers,Patents

HP was spun off from Hewlett-Packard to sell personal computers,printers,ink and toner,being the leader in the desktop printing industry.Now HP wants to enter the higher growth market for large A3 printer-copier combinations.These devices are geared toward high volume office work group customers.HP is paying 1.05 billion dollars for Samsung's A3 business and thousands of patents.*
Besides the A3 line of business,HP will acquire the ability to manufacture essential mechanisms within laser printers,so they won't have to buy them from other firms anymore.Control of this core technology will help HP to shape the evolution of its laser printers,as well as raise its profit margins.*
The deal brings with it to HP more than 6500 Samsung printing patents and 6,000 Samsung employees-among them,about 1500 engineers.*
HP Inc (HPQ),Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (LSE:SMSN)

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