Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good Vibrations:Exxon Mobil and Tesla Motors

Even though Exxon Mobil's Q3 earnings were down 18% on the year,hurt by refining margins,the latest report was still greeted positively by Wall Street.Earnings of 7.87 billion dollars,or 1.79 a share,did beat the consensus estimate of 1.77 a share.As well,oil production rose 1.5% on the year,with liquids volumes up 5.3%.
It's better than I thought,said CNBC analyst Jim Cramer.Exxon looks good,with the production growth.It's nice to see a big dog get a good run here.*
In Monday trading,Exxon Mobil shares closed at 92.10,up 2.28,or 2.54%.The stock pays about a 2.9% dividend,and a 3 billion dollar buyback to support the share price is expected.*
Tesla Motors stock popped 8.03% in Monday trading,closing at 175.20,ahead of Tuesday's earnings report at the close of trading.Bloomberg described the stock's October results as having hit a pothole,however.It experienced a loss of 4.7 billion dollars-it's worst monthly performance since October 2010.R.W. Baird&Co. cut the stock from outperform to neutral,saying it was priced to perfection.Investors are wagering on the carmaker having tremendous future success,driving it to heights seldom seen,with the stock trading at 13.9 times sales,versus GM's 0.4 times sales.
This speculation causes the stock to be highly volatile,moving sharply at the slightest news.For example,fires that resluted from Tesla crashes on October 1 in Washington state,and in Mexico on October 18,caused the stock to crater.Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself said in an October 25 interview that the stock price we have is more than we have any right to deserve.*
Exxon Mobil(XOM),Tesla Motors(TSLA)

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