Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Singh,Putin Focus On Terrorism;Pakistani PM in Washington

The focus of Monday's meeting between Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Russian President Vladimir Putin was on terrorism and those who are not vigilant enough about it on their territory,i.e.,Pakistan,even as Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is on a four day visit to Washington.Following their talks,the two leaders strongly condemned countries that tolerate terrorists within their borders.States that provide aid,abetment and shelter for such terrorist activities are themselves as guilty as the actual perpetrators of terrorism.They need to irreversibly shut down terrorist networks,organisations and infrastructure,and show tangible movement in investigating and bringing quickly to justice those responsible for acts of terrorism.*
Singh and Putin expressed opposition to Pakistan's attempts to rehabilitate Taliban militants,and concern about Afghanistan's future post-2014,when NATO and coalition forces will have largely departed the war-torn country.Anti-Taliban sanctions should be maintained,the Indian and Russian leaders agreed.The sides considered it necessary to extend the sanctions regime introduced by the UN Security Council against the Taliban as one of the most important tools of fighting terrorism.They also said the Mumbai attacks were acts of terror whose perpetrators must be brought to book-referring to Lashkar-e-Tayibba in Pakistan,whose efforts to arrest and try the militants are seen to be anemic by Russia and India.*
Agreement on the building of units 3 and 4 at the Kudankula nuclear power plant on India's southern coast was not ready for signing at the meeting between Singh and Putin.India has enacted tough new safety requirements in light of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011.
Even as Putin and Singh were meeting,Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was in Washington for four days of high level talks with US officials,including President Barack Obama on Wednesday,as well as Secretary of State John Kerry and Members of Congress.It is the third meeting between Sharif and Kerry in the last three months;it continued the robust dialogue on our shared goal of a stable,secure and prosperous Pakistan,the State Department said.*
Mr.Sharif tried to draw the US into the Kashmir territorial dispute between Pakistan and India while he was in London,describing it as a nuclear flashpoint.The US rebuffed him,however,saying Kashmir was strictly a matter for the two South Asian nations to resolve among themselves.*
The US has quietly resumed military and economic aid to Pakistan in recent days,following a period of tension after the unauthorised US raid and killing of Osama bin Laden on Pakistani territory in May 2011,as well as a US drone strike that mistakenly killed two dozen Pakistani troops in November 2011.*

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