Friday, October 25, 2013

China Gets It,Indian Prime Minister Says

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed satisfaction with his four day visit to China Thursday as he spoke aboard Air India One on his flight back home.There is a commitment on the part of both China and India that peace and tranquility on the border is a pre-requisite for progress in our relationship,Dr.Singh remarked.So I am reasonably satisfied that the Chinese leadership is as serious as we are in ensuring peace and tranquility on the India-China border.*
The Border Defence Cooperation Agreement was signed during the visit.It stipulates that both sides will notify the other of border patrols,and that military leaders will establish better communication with their counterparts on the other side.They will also avoid the practice of having patrols tail one another,in order to prevent antagonism.The two countries have never formally defined their border.*
A pact on the two nations' trans-border river system was also signed.I raised the issue again and there is incremental progress,the prime minister reported.They have agreed to provide data for more number of days.Also they have recognised that the behaviour of the trans-border river system is of interest to all riparian states.So our concerns have been put on the table.I hope there will be more progress in the years to come,Prime Minister Monmohan Singh said.*
In sum,it seems that India's interests were vigorously represented to China,and some significant agreements protecting them signed,over the course of the extensive dialogue between the two nuclear powers.*

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