Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Who Sings on the Sandals Resorts Commercial

The song is called "Do It Again."It is performed by the relatively unknown singer-songwriter Lauryn Vyce(real name Lauren Vogel).This synth pop song is available on YouTube under the name Lauren Vogel.There are several of her other songs posted there as well.There is no video for "Do It Again,"just a still photo and the track itself.The song is also featured on the FitnessGlo album "Warm Up."Lauryn Vyce is from St.Louis,Missouri and attended Parkway North High School and Indiana University.She is currently building her career in Los Angeles.Her voice has a classic girl group quality that appeals to a growing fan base.A major label may eventually sign and promote her as deserved,but they are often behind the times. Sandals Resorts International is a privately held corporation offering resorts for both couples and families in the Caribbean.Based in Montego Bay,Jamaica,it was founded in 1981 by Jamaican businessman Gordon "Butch" Stewart.

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