Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thriving on Main Street:Goldman Sachs Grows in Salt Lake City

Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs continues to recruit staff for its Salt Lake City office at 222 Main Street.It occupies seven floors in the new building,having moved from an industrial park in the outskirts of town.A large component of the office is Utah-raised people.
Goldman expects significant growth at this Rocky Mountains location over the next 2-4 years.It has surged from 300 to more than 1400 so far.It is their second largest office in the Americas.The regional office gives more responsibility early on,Goldman says,offering more exposure to all the firm's businesses.Positions at the office include Investment Management;Operations;Services and Technology;and Investment Research.
Goldman praised the excellent talent and resources it has been able to tap into through the Utah education system and general labour market.Utah lends tremendous value to its global businesses.Many employees continue their careers in other offices in the Americas,Europe and Asia.In a recent survey,employees rated their experience at this office 3.7 out of 5 stars.
Goldman has been moving people out of New York to such non-traditional hubs largely to cut costs.It is following a trend by financial services companies to open offices in high quality of life/low cost areas such as Salt Lake City and North Carolina.
Goldman's Salt Lake office has been recognised for the diversity of its staff.Some of them never expected to work for the financial services titan.
In addition,the Goldman program 10,000 Small Businesses is recruiting students for its academy at Salt Lake Community College.Participants have expressed high regard for the program that brings Goldman's expertise to bear on small business issues.They are attributing double digit revenue and jobs growth based on the knowledge and networking offered through the program.
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