Monday, June 10, 2013

Militant Attack on Kabul Airport Squelched

Afghan security forces successfully dealt with a pre-dawn raid by Taliban militants on Kabul International Airport.The attack was carried out by a team of seven militants,two of whom exploded themselves with suicide vests during the assault.A firefight ensued that lasted several hours.
In the end,all seven of the Islamist fighters were killed,Afghan police said.There were no reports of security force or civilian casualties.A NATO headquarters is located in the military section of the airport that was the scene of this morning's battle.
The militants had attacked a building that was under construction,seizing it for a bunker from which to engage security forces-a tactic they have employed in the past.The airport was sealed off and flights were grounded during the ruckus.
A Taliban spokesman contacted the media to claim responsibility for the attack.
Most NATO troops are to be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of next year.Around 60,000 US forces are presently serving in the country along with lesser numbers of their British and other allies,mainly in an advise and assist capacity with the Afghan security forces.

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