Monday, May 20, 2013

Should You Invest in the Wintergreen Fund

The direction in the West is improving.People are beginning to buy,said David J.Winters of Wintergreen Advisers LLC in Mountain Lakes,New Jersey.We still believe the future of the world is in the Asia Pacific.
We own a lot of Berkshire Hathaway BRK b shares.
The public are still hiding under their desks.They haven't gone back to the equity market.At some point,the bond markets are gonna go up and people will get crushed.People are still scared,both companies and individuals.
The US is a mature economy with lots of debt,unlike Asia.The EU in general is in deep,deep trouble and we just don't want to play because it's too hard.We love companies with no debt-you don't have a lot of risk.
Hong Kong is one of the great,great places.
David J.Winters manages the Wintergreen Fund,a global value mutual fund with much of the flexibility of a low risk hedge fund.It is #23 out of 287 World Stock funds as rated by US News.Morningstar Associates gives it four out of five stars.
The Wintergreen Fund has returned 13.26% over one year;and 4.85% over five years.Its expense ratio is 1.89%,which is considered Above Average in its category.In Mornngstar's opinion,however,the fund is Below Average in risk.
Wintergreen Fund(WGRNX)

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