Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Should You Invest in CME Group

CME Group is a global futures exchange.It trades futures and options on currencies,commodities,interest rates,stock indexes and agricultural commodities.
We saw a real downturn in 2012.Our volumes are OK.There's been a lot of activity in energy and foreign exchange,said Terry Duffy,CME Group CEO.Gold coins didn't trade down.They're of more value than anything else.
Operational risk is what we all have.We're deploying so much technology on a daily basis.It allows us to be in 150 countries.The single largest investment CME has made in 150 years is technology.It's very expensive.
We pay one of the biggest dividends in the S and P 500.We feel very confident we've put the pieces together,that we can compete with anybody.
It's getting a little crowded,but that's alright.We have innovated for over a hundred years because of competition,and we think it's good,Mr.Duffy explained.
CME had a rough Q1.Profit was down 12.0%;revenue dropped 7.0% and trading fees declined.The stock was up 0.53% in Monday trading.CME has a market cap of 20.35 billion dollars.
CME Group,Inc(CME)

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