Monday, July 2, 2012

Who Narrates The Pure Michigan Commercials

You may think it must be Cliff Robertson's voice in the "Pure Michigan" travel commercials.Think again;it's actually Michigan-raised and educated Tim Allen,59,star of the popular sitcom "Home Improvement."Yes,that's also Allen narrating the Chevrolet commercials.Denver-born Allen moved to Michigan as a child,eventually graduating from Western Michigan University with a BS in Communications and concentrations in radio and television production.
The comic actor's life had some missteps that were anything but funny.In 1978,25 year-old Allen landed in federal prison after pleading guilty to drug trafficking.He served two years and four months there,having been arrested with cocaine in his possession.In  1997,Allen was arrested for DUI.He was sentenced to one year of probation plus substance abuse counseling.He recovered from these wayward acts and has sustained a high level of success in his career,recieving five Golden Globes and an Emmy award for his work,as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Allen starred  in "The Santa Clause" film series and did voiceover work in the "Toy Story" films.He is currently starring in the ABC sitcom "Last Man Standing."
The commercials are the product of the McCann-Erickson subsidary of McCann Worldgroup,a leading marketing communications firm with offices in New York,Italy, Brazil,India and Singapore.The company pledges to transform its clients' brands and grow their businesses.


Anonymous said...

I really DID think that voice sounded like Cliff Robertson!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing tops a Native Michgander narrating these wonderful wonderful ads; I look forward to tour season just to hear them. It is so soothing and peaceful; You picked the right guy.

Anonymous said...

Well said Anonymous 2 !!