Monday, January 16, 2017

Renewables Momentum:Duke Energy Augments California Solar Holdings

Judging by Duke Energy Corporation's recent actions in California,the time for solar is definitely now.In late December,the company purchased three more projects totaling 55 megawatts from SunPower Corp in Kern County:the 20 megawatt Rio Bravo I;the20 megawatt Rio Bravo II;and the 15 megawatt Wildwood II solar farms.All are in service now under 20-year contracts with Southern California Edison.*
As we continue to grow our footprint in the state,said Duke Energy Renewables and Distributed Energy Technology's president,Rob Caldwell,we're pleased to provide cost-efficient,sustainable power systems that contribute to California's leadership in renewable energy.*
Duke has 55 solar power plants in nine states.It also owns and operates wind farms,coal-fired,natural gas,oil,hydroelectric and nuclear power plants and is developing its interest in a biomass plant.*
Duke Energy Corp (DUK)

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