Monday, August 8, 2016

Retail Megadeal:Should Walmart Buy

What does Walmart have to do with aviation,one might have been excused for asking when this morning's news of its record-setting 3.3 billion dollar purchase of came across.Yet on visiting the relatively obscure's website,you immediately see what Walmart's reasoning isn't named for aircraft,but for jets as a means of transporting its merchandise.* sells a full line of groceries,including fresh meat from Rastrelli Market and Kirkland brand dairy products from Costco.As you shop, deducts your savings from your balance.Two day delivery is standard for their groceries.*
Rastrelli Market has eight retail locations and has expanded into food processing,warehousing and distribution,building a vertically integrated enterprise that is key to their quality assurance.With direct ownership or proprietary partnerships,Rastrelli Foods Group,of South Jersey,provides hand-trimming,processing and packing of an extensive line of gourmet meats,seafood,heat and serve meals,dessert and gift packages.For example,they own their own Black Angus cattle.The vertical integration ensures the quality and safety at all points of distribution,resulting in safer,higher quality products for the consumer.*
Besides groceries, sells books,baby products,furniture,appliances,electronics,clothing and sporting goods.Looking over the pleasant,efficient website with discount to moderate pricing and astute,branded partnerships,one begins to sense Walmart made the right move toward improved competitiveness in this age of online merchants that we are in.*
Walmart Stores (WMT)

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