Monday, September 2, 2013

Asia This Day-plus Syria

Australian elections have been called for Saturday 7 September.This sent the ASX 200 index up 1.04%.*India's GDP for Q2 was up 4.4 year over year,down from 4.8 in Q1.The country's inflation and fiscal deficits are very high,noted Rajiv Biswas,Chief Asia Economist at IHS.*China's official August PMI was 51.0,indicating that a manufacturing recovery is underway.*You have to approach it from a corporate governance point of view,said Sam Le Cornu,Portfolio Manager at Macquarie Asia.You need to do a lot of work,meeting with management personally.We particularly like consumer discretionary.We really like Chinese equities.We're buying the Hang Seng.*We have a very strong ASEAN watch list.We're waiting for prices to come down.*EM is cheap.We're staying long China.We like North Asia.We're adding to Korea and like Taiwan.*We're looking for high quality management and strong balance sheets.We still say today Asia is full of risk.Our job as analysts is to quantify risk,Mr.Le Cornu told Bloomberg TV.*The MSCI Asia Pacific index was up 0.39% in early Monday trading.Gold and oil prices fell on the delay of US military action against Syria,which is widely seen as weakness.This goes to the core of American credibility in foreign policy and I believe Congress will do the right thing,Secretary of State John Kerry said.The President of the United States has the right to do this.He doesn't have to get approval.*Members of Congresss got lengthy classified breifings on Syria Sunday by administration officials,but some expressed a high degree of scepticism.*Syrian opposition leaders are bitterly critical of the delay,while Syrian officials reportedly believe Congress will not approve a military strike against them.

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